Just about 36 years ago, I told the LEGEND OF HUMA. Restricted to one novel, I chose to concentrate on what would lead him to be honored for centuries to come as, not only the first wielder of the dragonlance, but a man who's sense of right and duty would make him willing to sacrifice himself if that was what would be needed to save others and put an end to a terrible war.

But what about Huma before that period? What other dangers crossed his path as a young knight still learning his way...and discovering that his ideals may not be exactly the same as those with whom he serves?

"The Dark Patrol" deals with one of those times, when, in another part of the war, Huma will face revelations and decisions that make him turn to the one person whom he trusts most, the senior knight of exemplary record whom Huma in some way seeks to emulate and who leads the patrol.


This story will probably be half again as long as the first Kaz one, as I have a better feel for how much space I have available. We are talking around 12k words, so a fairly substantial story. :)

I hope this to be the first of several Huma adventures --- just as I plan to do more for Kaz --- in what we're overall right now calling the DRAGONLANCE HEROES COLLECTION. With that in mind, you won't see Magius in this particular story --- although you will likely have glimpses of some other characters --- because I do have ideas for Huma's wizard friend, as well. All of this, of course, relies on the belief that you'd like to see these new stories and the material an adventures the team and I put together. If that' the case, I hope that you'll pick up the new KAZ adventure, and pass the word to others. The better each of these projects do, the more we can create.

*****Again, a reminder: this is the ONLY way that I can write NEW stories. There is no opportunity for a novel and I cannot even bundle these stories together. I believe that these projects offer a lot in addition to my story. Please consider getting your copy today (assuming that you already haven't). Here's the link for that: https://www.dmsguild.com/product/464024/The-Journals-of-Kaz-the-Minotaur-The-Lost-Colony

Note that these tales are not considered official canon by WOTC...but they are the way I would've liked to have gone with things.

I hope you look forward to this!

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