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WotC Hydro74 Cover for Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos


Product description from Wizards:

The School of Magic is in Session​

Rollicking campus adventures for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.
The greatest minds in the multiverse meet at Strixhaven University. Professors convey fantastic secrets to eager students, and life on campus is frenetic. But danger lurks even here. Campus hijinks mix with mishaps and sinister plots, and it’s up to you to save the day.
Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos introduces the fantastical setting of Strixhaven University, drawn from the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering, and provides rules for creating characters who are students in one of its five colleges. Characters can explore the setting over the course of four adventures, which can be played together or on their own. Each adventure describes an academic year filled with scholarly pursuits, campus shenanigans, exciting friendships, hidden dangers, and perhaps even romance.
This book includes a poster map that shows Strixhaven’s campuses on one side and location maps on the other.
  • Through the book’s multiyear campaign, players begin as first-year students who study, socialize, and adventure their way to graduation.
  • Experience D&D in new ways through the academic challenges, extracurricular activities and jobs, and relationships explored on campus.
  • Includes four adventures that can be played as stand-alones or woven together to create one campaign taking players from level 1 to level 10.
  • Players can create characters using a new race presented in the book, an owlin, one of the owlfolk who study at the university.
  • Adds new player character options including feats and backgrounds.
  • Includes new spells and magic items that help your character feel connected to the college they choose to join.
  • Encounter over forty magical, mysterious creatures and NPCs in the bestiary.
  • Strixhaven can easily be dropped into any D&D world or campaign with the provided rules for adventuring as a student of magic.
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The video confirms what I hoped wasn't true: The subclasses didn't make the cut. Apparently a lot of folks surveyed said they didn't like the very idea of shared subclasses.

Among the new info, though: Everyone at Strixhaven gets a free feat that gives them some magical ability, even if they're not playing what is normally a spellcaster class.
Alas, so it goes. Kind of doesn't surprise me, even if I think it's an idea with legs.


Wow, even if D&D and MtG are not your jam, this is very tempting a purchase. Just a caveat, these covers do not age well, so you also need to purchase the regular version for weekly use.

Apparently a lot of folks surveyed said they didn't like the very idea of shared subclasses.
OF COURSE they didn't. Just like with the Psi-Talent dice.

Well, one can still always have the Subclasses and their features as rewards basically that develop alongside your currently selected Sub-Class. looks at the camera and does a sly wink.

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