D&D 5E Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos - I have no clue what this is about


What I actually want to see is a table of contents. I was actually quite keen on seeing a wizard school setting like Strixhaven was originally touted as - it seemed like an interesting diversion from the standard and a way of expanding d&d in a new direction. But now they’re talking as if it’s a level 1-10 adventure book? As a player rather than a dm, a book which is mostly adventure rather than setting is of little use to me. I skipped Witchlight for the same reason, though Witchlight was of course always upfront about being an adventure book. I’m hoping I’m reading too much into this and that the book is still primarily a campaign setting.
The 1-10 campaign is apparently about a quarter of the book, IIRC, with 4 adventures 1 for every academic year. It is a Setting book, but they felt that the unique structure of an academic career as a campaign structure merited more fleshing out

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