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5E I guess no D&D day this summer?


i look forward to the announcement of new adventures and more importantly, the next batch of GF9 collector's series miniatures.

havent seen anything about that, even before this corona stuff hit.

anyone hear anything?


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Hi, I'm a Mindflayer, but don't let that worry you
No announcement. I don't think it's happening this year.


Things like this are in limbo right now - we all want news, but we need to be patient. The companies have to consider the social distancing rules carefully before thinking about events meant to pull people in to interested ideas.


Given that not a lot of work on the event can be done until people can get out again ... I expect at least a noisy mention and e-release of some adventure(s) that have been designed to play well on the virtual platforms. I do not expect a day for swag giveaways; no way to ship / distribute it beforehand and very little money to write off as Sales Expense. If the timing works out just so, they might be able to advertise "First day out? Come join our party!"

But I am really hoping that people can be released well before the Big Day, as our knowledge of how to deal with non-Intensive-Care-severity cases grows and some sort of 'Corona-resistant' treatment package is developed.

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