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D&D General I hate five-foot passages!


Eternal Optimist
Reading the door as a full 5 feet wide opening, I would say the slaad has no cover to the rogue, as the rogue has full view of one of the slaad's squares. See the DMG quote and illustration below. If the door is only as wide as shown on the map, then yes, half cover would apply.

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Good interpretation! I tend to be a little generous in allowing cover. Well, the +2 version, at least.


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Believe it or not, it's trying to squeeze into the corner of the room above the door. (So become a 1x1 figure rather than a 2x2 figure). (In my image, it would squeeze into its top-right square).

Which I don't allow - squeezing is something that happens as you navigate a tight space, not something you can just do.

But even if it were allowed, it doesn't help the slaad. At least not if you understand the rules - which a few people on this thread have shown they absolutely do not.
That bold bit is one of the most frustrating parts of running 5e. So much gets left to rulings not rules & players are faced with so few tactical elements they need to consider that they just ignore and/or revise any edge cases where one impacts them or they refuse to believe the GM isn't making up things with fiat when one does actually impact them.

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