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D&D 5E I have the Monster Manual!

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Yep, I got in the Games Shop in Aldershot (UK). They had lots of copies on the shelf this morning, and some PHBs at the back too, if anyone's interested.

Aside from one or two niggles, the MM is great - it's giving me plenty of inspiration just flicking through it.




My FLGS didn't have any on display, so I asked when they would get them in. The assistant said that they had them, but the release date was tomorrow - he then said that he would double check, realised his mistake, and opened up a box for me. I took three for my group :)



Got mine! The UPS man came in just as the store manager was telling me to check back in a couple of hours. Instead I got the first one out of the box.



First Post
Got mine yesterday at Fat Ogre games in the Woodlands. The art is better than expected. There might be 2 or 3 really meh pieces of art, but the overwhelming majority are excellent to exceptional.

chibi graz'zt

First Post
I picked up mine last night on my way home from work.
First impressions: its a big book, heavy. Colors and artwork are stunning. I decided to carefully inpspect my copy for those error prints that have been mentioned in some of the reviews here, Im happy to report that my copy is perfect.

No smudging of ink, no loose binding, no faded pages.

I think this is the best MM that has been released for D&D any edition.
Now IM going to read it.

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