I have Word/PDF docs of these entire story hours: Sepulchrave, Sagiro, Wulf Ratbane, Wizardru, Cntxt. Can I share them here?

So I followed some of the best of the 'classic' story hours here back in the day (like, 2001 back in the day), and I started copying and pasting some of those into Word documents for easy offline reading. I kept it up as the stories progressed, and I now have the entire story hours of Sepulchrave, Sagiro, Wulf Ratbane, Wizardru and Cntxt in Word or PDF format.

I have those available and would love to share them here if that's permitted. I know nothing about IP law, but I would presume that since these were originally posted in a public forum and I'm not trying to make a buck, then my posting those docs shouldn't be a problem.

Any opinions, official or otherwise? I'd love to share these gems (which I've put on my Nook and Kindle devices so I can read them forever), but I don't want to cross a line, whether legally or otherwise.

For clarity's sake, Sagiro's story hour is in PDF format, thanks to the efforts of StevenAC. The rest are in Word. Thanks.


I've no idea, I guess the permission of the original author would be "proper" which is where Steven AC came in. Since Sepulchrave hasn't replied in...two years now? ...then that's a bit more of a grey area.


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I am in a similar situation - I have the Log of Patrick Logopolis by "The Economist" which I have greatly enjoyed, but... I'm not even sure if said author is here anymore :(


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Try tagging them. They might get a notification, depending on their settings.

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Oh [MENTION=82555]the[/MENTION]economist I summon thee!

... that and I am engaging google-fu. I will let you know!