Dragonlance I made Otik's Spiced Potatoes. Delicious!


Reeks of Jedi
Using the Heroes Feast D&D Cookbook I made the famous Otik's Spiced Potatoes of Dragonlance fame.

Now, like the Heroes of the Lance and every other person who lives near or stops by the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, I have had those iconic potatoes.

Probably the easiest recipe in the book but it was just enough for my minor skill.

Anywho, they turned out GREAT! Took a lot longer to cook than I thought it would though. Highly recommended!

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I never made those, but I did make Skyrim Mead. And yeah, I have to say it was probably my 2nd favorite mead I've made. It was legit good.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I made the tavern steaks from that book, and the sauces listed with it were great! Never would have thought to put chopped figs in an olive tapenade, but it worked wonderfully.


I can’t remember if we’ve done Otik’s spiced potatoes yet but we’ve made the dwarven flatbread a few times. It’s really good too.


I was really surprised by the book, one of my players got it for me and I expected it to be...questionable but everything I've made from it has been pretty good.

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