Serving Up A Heroes Feast for the Multiverse

More than a cookbook, it's also a supplement for players and DMs who feature more than iron...

Once wasn't enough this year for authors Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, Michael Witwer, and Sam Witwer. In addition to their recent release, Dungeons & Dragons Lore & Legends, which focused on the history of 5th edition thus far, the foursome also have a followup to their 2020 book Heroes Feast The Official Dungeons & Dragons CookbookHeroes Feast: Flavors of the Multiverse (An Official D&D Cookbook). Like the prior volume, HFFotM goes beyond being a cookbook to also be a supplement for players and DMs who feature more than iron rations in their campaign.

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An Adventure Cookbook​

The prior Heroes Feast was designed as both a cookbook and a sourcebook for human, elven, dwarven, and halfling cuisine, as well as a few other cultures that were lumped into the “Unusual Cuisine” chapter. As the title indicates, HFFotM takes its cue from plane-hopping adventurers with chapters for the iconic D&D locations The Yawning Portal, The Rock of Bral, Solamnia, Realmspace, Ravenloft, Sigil and the Feywild, with food and drink recipes evocative of each location as well as insight into each realm's cuisines. Each setting also gets a background description, crediting its creators and giving readers a short briefing in case they are unfamiliar with it.

And, because what is a D&D setting without characters or an adventure, we get both in HFFotM. The figures that were on the cover of the prior cookbook now get names – Squirladax, goblin poet/bard, Sasha, fighter and fitness enthusiast, Deelia, tiefling sorceress and servant of the Raven Queen, and Bri'An, dragonborn cleric of Tyr. As The Bureau of Dark Tables, they travel the realms having culinary adventures. The adventure here is more like journal entries summarizing what happened to the foursome than an adventure you can play, but a DM could use parts of it as inspiration for food-related campaign ideas.


The Recipes​

Once again, the recipes were created by chef Adam Reid. I haven't had an opportunity to test any, but, judging by the recipes that are similar to ones I've already made, everything makes sense. The early part of the book has some basic information on cooking and the equipment you'll need so while it's not a beginner's cookbook, if you've ever followed a recipe successfully, you should be able to recreate these recipes. Still feel intimidated by cooking something new? Try the drink recipes. Each chapter has two.

Some recipes are easier than others. While there are a few vegetarian recipes, like Fried Soy and Vegetables, meat is prominently featured in other recipes. A few recipes feature uncommon ingredients like black lotus root and butterfly pea powder. Others just sound like they do, such as the “Whole Roast Boar” recipe, which is actually made with whole bone-in-the-pork butt, also known as the shoulder butt. Most have easily accessible ingredients.


The Art​

The photography is by Ray Katchatorian again, and it's just stunning. In addition to photos for each recipe, each chapter has photographs that help to set the mood for each location. Whether it's a photo to evoke the mood of a castle for Solamnia or a recipe like Hot River Crab Bites or Emerald Chicken, the photos look absolutely luscious. The art direction is fantastic and doesn't make the same sort of mistake that the Exquisite Exandria book does.

Should You Get It?​

If a gamer who likes to cook is on your holiday gift list, Heroes Feast: Flavors of the Multiverse is a no-brainer. It's also an excellent choice for a player or DM who values world building, background material, etc. if their interest runs toward culinary information. Heroes Feast: Flavors of the Multiverse is available as a hardcover, ebook, and a spiral bound format that lays flat.

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Beth Rimmels

Beth Rimmels

Li Shenron

I'll pass on the cookbook, but on a sort of related theme, I just found and watched the first episode of a quite funny new D&D-inspired animated series called "Delicious in Dungeons". If you have Netflix I recommend to give it a try :D

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