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I need a soundtrack for a dungeon-crawling adventure with the vibe of a cheesy 1980s fantasy movie

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I use soundtracks when I DM, both in-person and via Discord. I often just go with ambient sound effect tracks, but for this weekend's Grizzled Adventurers game, I'm thinking something with the vibe of a cheesy 1980s fantasy movie would be the right vibe. (Note I said cheesy: The Princess Bride soundtrack by Mark Knopfler and Labyrinth soundtrack with David Bowie on it are both way too nice for this.)

Anyone got some favorites? It should be both gloriously cheesy but also something we don't want to turn off after five minutes. It can be a real soundtrack or a modern synthwave throwback album.

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Oh, here we go. (Never saw this film.)

They've got synth, and maybe theremin. Either way, it's rockin' the cheese.

I'm hearing bits the Diablo II soundtrack might have lifted, in there. But probably not?

Was coming in here to post that. The entire movie feels like someone's Basic D&D game playing out. Incredibly cheesy, utterly hilarious, worth a watch.

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