I saw Top Gun Maverick (spoilers)

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Just saw it myself, and really enjoyed it. It hits all the right notes, awesome aerial stunts, some fun "machismo", gives some closure to some of Maverick's previous relationships. In a world of CGI movies, having something real and visceral was really great, and I tell you Tom Cruise still gets it done (when he's on his motorcycle, the smile on his face is like a kid in the candy store, you can't help but smile right back).

One thing I appreciated, so a key part of this movie is that Maverick is able to handle G forces that are difficult for even fellow Top Gun aviators. Considering his age that is highly unlikely....EXCEPT for the fact that he's been handling experimental aircraft for some length of time going incredibly fast and pulling extremely high Gs. So he's basically been G training for years.

That's what I like....I want to believe in a movie like this...I just need that little bit to hold onto. That was all I need to go "sure Maverick is old but still could pull off that crazy manuever, I'll buy it"

I wanted to see this movie when the trailer came out. I liked him right away. Probably, like many others, I like action movies where weapons are used. I recently read about gun control, used https://studymoose.com/free-essays/gun-control for this. It was just something, very exciting. I don't know where I got such an interest in weapons.
Completely agree with you
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