[IC] Eberron: The Plumbers

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Upper Central Plateau/Mithral Tower/Unicorn Estate
Far, 27 Rhaan, YK 998 (Early autumn)/2250
Weather: Temperature normal for the season (cool), no wind, light rain (outside the towers)
Round 0

Excavation Pit

The warforged in the pit look listlessly up at Ogham. “Garra hired us,” one said simply. There isn’t much Ogham can do for them. They are overworked and need rest.


Caden seemed to rouse at Alara’s words when she mentioned his father. He clutched at the stuffed unicorn. “Big, mean lady named Garra took me. Had goblins watching me,” he said, sniffing.

Rotom tries to get the manacles open, then has DePoe do it. He works the lock, and the manacles fall from the boy’s wrists, freeing him. Both Rotom and DePoe notice something oily on their hands.

If you Fail, you are POISONED for 24 hours and fall UNCONSCIOUS. If you take damage, you wake up.

Ultimate: Figure out what’s going on in Lower Sharn. (25 gp each)

Alara (+1) 20 AC 11 HP 9/9 PP 12
Liutbrand (+3) 19 AC 14 HP 9/13 PP 15 Darkvision
Korra (+1) 19 AC 18 HP 6/14 PP 13 Darkvision
DePoe (+3) 18 AC 14 HP 10/10 PP 11
Ogham (+1) 10 AC 15 HP 11/11 PP 15
Rotom (+2) 7 AC 16 HP 10/10 PP 9 Darkvision

157 gp
16 gp, 15 sp, banded agate (10 gp) (Rotom)


"There you go, kid." Depoe says somewhat distracted by trying to watch everywhere at once. "Gah, what is all this..." DePoe wavers slightly, eyrs rolling into his head, and collapses to the ground.

OOC: Con save: d20+2 [2]+2=4. Well, It could have been worse.

"Depoe, okay?" Korra says. "Why sleeping?" Louder so everyone can hear. "Why DePoe sleeping?" She also checks out the kid to see if he's falling asleep.


Possibly a Idiot.
Rotom sniffs at the strange oil, then grimaces as her head begins to spin.

"Blegh... aazat! Tir ti xtirl!" As the young artificer's words swirl on her tongue, she reaches for her waterskin. After fumbling with the stopper for a moment, she somehow manages to pry it open and washes away the oil from her skin. Her head throbs as she shakes off the effects, and the kobold finally manages to string some words together in common. "STOP... POISON!"



"By the Host," curses Alara. She pulls out a kerchief and tries to wipe the foul oil from DePoe's hands, taking care not to get it on her own skin.

"Liutbrand!" she calls. "DePoe's been poisoned!"


"What in the..." Liutbrand sprints towards Alara and the rest of the party, finding DePoe on the ground. He kneels over him "He's still breathing. Rotom, snap out of it. Can your knowledge of alchemy help us identify this substance?

OOC: medicine check: 1D20+3 = [2]+3 = 5
I'm guessing a result of 5 won't reveal much


Possibly a Idiot.
"Sorry, boss" Rotom yawns "I don't have any tools for that on me."
After a pause, she adds "We could maybe ask d'Orien for an antitoxin, or take him to the Jorascos."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Ogham rushes to DePoe when he hears that his team mate has been poisoned, but when trying to get some antitoxic effect from his druidic amulet, it seems unresponsive.

"No magic," the warforged says with a hint of sadness, and he helps Korra in carrying DePoe back to the elevator.

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