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[IC] Eberron: The Plumbers


DePoe will try to wrangle a guard and pester them into getting a skycoach or something else to get us to where the rail is going.

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AC: 18; HP: 7/14; HD: 1/1; Passive Per/Inv: 13/9 Darkvision - Relentless Endurance gone

"Him not that way," Korra says to Rotom pointing to the end of the train. "We go this way. Ready?"

If there is a conductor in the car she says to him, "How long till next stop?"


Possibly a Idiot.
"Garra had a First Class ticket, I would place my bets there." Rotom remembers the documents she sifted through. "What do we have to work with Korra?" She asks while digging through her pack. "I've still got some acid, ball bearings, crowbar, grappling hook, rope, pitons... And the Writ from Sergeant Vilroy, luckily enough!"

OOC: I just remembered I never rolled for the potion!
Potion of Healing I guess.: 2D4+2 = [3, 4]+2 = 9 Nice!
Int check: 1D20+2 = [15]+2 = 17
Looks like CoyoteCode isn't trying to kill me anymore.


Lower Tavick’s Landing
Far, 28 Rhaan, YK 998 (Early autumn)/1400
Weather: Temperature normal for the season (cool), no wind, light rain (outside the towers)
Round 0

DePoe cajoled a House Orien guard. The guard indicated an officer nearby who stood next to a sky coach with House Orien livery on the side.

Ogham got up and picked up Alara, tending to her wounds. She was stable, but would probably be unconscious for a while.

“Here,” the Orien guard officer said, holding out a healing potion. “Give her this. I only have the one, though.”


On the lightning rail, Korra opened the back door of the rear car. It seemed to be the cargo carriage, and an Orien conductor looked up in surprise at the large barbarian.

“Next stop is First Tower, about fifteen minutes,” the conductor said. “May I see your tickets?” he demanded.

Rotom recalled that first class was probably the second car up front, right behind the helm of the lightning rail.


Prevent Garra’s escape on the lightning rail.

Alara (+1) AC 11 HP 0/9 PP 12 DC 13 Unconscious, prone, stable
Ogham (+1) AC 15 HP 1/11 PP 15 Prone
Korra (+1) AC 18 HP 7/14 PP 13 Darkvision
Rotom (+2) AC 18 HP 9/10 PP 9 Darkvision
DePoe (+8) AC 14 HP 8/10 PP 11 Alert, healing potion

Party Ave:


Enemy Ave:

107 gp (Party)
16 gp, 8 sp, banded agate (10 gp) (Rotom)
18 cp (DePoe)
1 unicorn-shaped feather token for each character: When you fall at least 20 feet while the token is on your person, you descend 60 feet per round and take no damage from falling. The token’s magic is expended after you land, whereupon the disk becomes nonmagical.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Ogham nods to the officer and takes the potion gratefully. He quickly uncorks it and gently pours it into Alara's mouth, careful not to make her choke on it.

"Missed," he states simply when the noblewoman wakes up. He then points to DePoe, indicating that they may have an alternative mode of travel to catch up with Rotom and Korra.

OOC: Sorry for my absence! I'm slowly catching up with my games now.


Back on the platform, DePoe nods to the House Orion man and gives a curt "thanks". Helping Alara up he nods at the skycoach. "Let's go. Our companions may need us."

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