(IC) Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden

Logrim nods to Russet when he returns with the ale.

"Thanks Mister Russet, I'll get the next round. He takes a sip of the ale. "I can make all kinds of things, though I've never tried to makes ears before."

Logrim takes another sip to gather his thoughts.

"I just could. Ever since I was a wee boy I could make things better than most of the master tinkerers. As I got older my skill just improved, I was able to imbue my creations with magic. Ludo's my greatest creation. He's actually smart not just some clockwork toy moving in a pattern. It took me a year to build 'im and I have not been able to recreate him since."

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Russet looks admiringly at Ludo and attempts to pet it (@VLAD the Destroyer I'll let you decide what happens here!)

Must be good to feel like your good at something...
What brings you to the Ten Towns?

He notices the small hooded figure of Lumrolur
Sorry, didn't see you there, else I'd have got your drink (again...). Must be useful blending into a room like that...
You think that song is a clue to where that trickster wizard is? You want to help me get him back?


"Ditty seems weirdly specific. Did anyone try to find the location?" Lumrolur asks tha barkeep as he gets his own drink. After getting the answer he rejoins 'his' group and waits for the rest to join.
"Not for lack of trying," the greying barkeep shakes his head, leaning on the counter, cleaning rag in hand. "I think it's just a wizard prank, but a few folk tried years back. Never found nothing. Course, since the Everlasting Rime swallowed our daylight, no one's dared to go on a wild knuckledhead chase."

Ludo shifts back as Russet reaches out to pet it. It cocks it's head regarding the harengon as if deciding if Russet is a threat.

"Ludo he's trying to be nice. He's not going to hurt you...or me." Logrim looks at Russet. "Sorry 'bout that. He has some trust issues."

After Logrim chastised him Ludo moves forward and lets Russet pat its head. The metal is cool to the touch but there is an energy emanating form it that makes the hair on his arm stand up on end.

"I came to help my Uncle. He runs a shop in town. It's the last assignment on my apprenticeship, not that Uncle Jorlen can teach me much. I already craft better than he does." Logrim sighs and takes another sip from his drink. "Not that I'm not learning anything. He has taught me a bunch about running a shop."



Gathering at the Northlook, you exchange what you’ve learned – Torrga’s caravan has gone on to Targos and one of her guards named Sephek was seen near the temple that Auril’s cultists took over. And there are mages afoot! After a while, you retire upstairs. Even with the shutters drawn, turquoise and purple light filters through the cracks from the midnight aurora. Bundled up, you fall sleep…

GM: You each pay 5 silver pieces to stay at The Northlook including a morning meal. If you don’t have the coin, Scramsax offers to let you pay him back later “with modest interest.”
@domminniti Russet is given free room & board for being a folk hero.
@VLAD the Destroyer Logrim can stay with Uncle Jorlen for free (guild artisan), and meet the party in the morning if you wish.
@Kobold Stew Corse is freely given the spare room at the Northlook and breakfast, thanks to her rustic hospitality background feature.

Long Rest (house rule): 8 hours of food, drink, and very light activity. Regain Hit Points equal to your level. Restore 1 level of exhaustion. Restore/prep spells & features as normal for your class.


Hammer 24 (december 15), 1489 DR

Come morning you meet downstairs for a meal of dark bread and butter, porridge, maple braised carrots, fried sardines, and yaupon (an earthy caffeinated tea). Eve Breengren and her son arrive after a bit to warm up with tea. Only the hearth and sputtering lanterns keep the gloom at bay.

Three sleds await you outside, each with eight harnessed dogs. Comet whines and wags his tail upon recognizing you. In addition to each sled’s driver – Eve, her son, her hired hand – a sled can take 3 human-sized passengers. Once you’ve settled in, Eve gives a whistle and shout, drawing up her scarf.

Snow hisses under the sled’s runners as you head out the gate, just being opened after the cold night. Picking up speed, you can see the walled hilltop town of Bryn Shander become swallowed by the overcast dark morning until only flickering fire-lights remain. Panting dogs run ahead as the three sleds glide in single-file along the westward trail. After 45 minutes, dreary walled Targos comes into view, and at the crossroads before town you spot a frozen corpse lashed to a post; your drivers avert their gaze.

A pair of guards, bundled to the point you can scarcely see their faces, wave you inside Targos. The smell of fish hangs heavy in the air. Notices are posted along a section of the wooden wall – announcement of a mandatory lottery, wanted posters, advertisements. Those not frosted over flap in the wind.

Eve Breengren pulls down her scarf, “I’ll take my boy to get some chowder at the Trip and Shuffle. We can wait for you till noon’s light before heading out.” She gestures to a cluster of nearby buildings around a smoky tavern. “Chances are Torrga has gone on either west to Bremen or east to Lonelywood to hawk her goods. You might ask around the market square, the pawn shop, or any of the inns and taverns…”

As she speaks, you hear the bark of a dog over the whistling wind. A light grey furred sled dog runs toward you, dragging a broken leather harness behind him. The name on his collar reads “Boy.” Whimpering, he licks at Arik’s and Logrim’s faces.

Eve frowns, “Huh. That’s one of Garret and Keegan’s dogs. They run the kennel here in Targos. Shouldn’t be out in the streets like this…”


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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Corse sits on the stoop for an hour or so, and [?] notices no comings or goings from the Kennel. A light had gone off 15 minutes earlier, and with no apparent movement, she nudges Aric, and says "I figure we can go."

Back at the Northlook, she books a room for herself. She's happy when she sees that it has a window that opens; she sleeps with the cool evening breeze flowing through her room, which is how she is most comfortable. Either that evening, or the next morning, Corse lets the others know her plans. "I'm going to head for Targos. I expect to be back tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. There is room for everyone, if you wish, but you should not feel you need to come; the lead may amount to nothing."

When she sees who's set to go, she gets into the sled being driven by the boy, as she had promised. If not everyone is going, she'll explain to Eve that the hand can exercise the team, but stay available.

OOC: Sorry: a lot happened suddenly; I didn't want to presume everyone wanted to go, but of course all are welcome.

Expenses so far: 2gp for three dogsleds; 5sp for the hotel. EDIT: Room was comp'd!
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
When they arrive at Targos, Corse thanks Eve's son: "You're a good driver. Very steady," she says in a warm voice. "We'll ride again."

Her intention had been to grab some warm drinks to bring to the city guard, in hopes of persuading them to talk about who they'd seen coming and going the previous day. She'll do that, but fist she speaks to Eve, who is looking at the stray dog.

"That seems unusual. Can I see its harness, Eve?" She bends down, with an open palm, and looks to see if the leather is torn or cut, and whether there are any other unusual signs of a fight.

Steve Gorak

Aric came back to the inn with Corse, glad he had found folks that were intent on resolving the murders. There, he decided to book a room, to stay with his new companions, and to see how the town folks slept. Indeed, he had never slept in a bed. It was warm and fluffy, and promptly dosed off. However, he woke up on the floor, and figured he must have transitioned in the night to a more familiar stiff surface.

knowing that they were heading back to the kennels, Aric had prepared himself, and was able to speak with the dogs, he greeted all of three, and thanked them for pulling the sleds, The ride was nice and smooth, and he was Able to perform the ritual several times to keep the cheers conversation going.

Upon their arrival, he sees the distraught yet friendly dog and says to it as it is liking his face: “Hi Boy, I’m Aric. What happened to you?

He then inspects the harness too.

OOC: proficiency in craft (leather working). Wisdom check: 1d20+4=9


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
In the small room shared by multiple people, small wrapped-up bundle tosses and turns, mutters and stutters in his sleep. The figure is twitching, sweating as the bedside is gripped with iron strength belying the small frame. The twitches grow into spasms almost fits before the small figure starts awake, gasping. The eyes glow red in the dark and slowly fade back into black. The figure mutters something to itself, those of sharp hearing can hear gravel sounds of svirfneblin language.

Luckily, it was just in time to get up for dog-sled ride. Lumrolur isn't taking much space and he keeps to himself. Sharing the results of his listening in on the sheriff was enough talking for one day.

As the dog arrives with cut leather he hurries up the street "With all that is going on, we should check the kennel first and ask questions and check the dog later. Maybe someone is right now bleeding out! Come on!"

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