(IC) Quickleaf's Rime of the Frostmaiden


Seeing one of the beasts dead, and the others severely wounded, Zeth finds the courage of the sure victor.

"And again!"

With another word and gesture another bolt of force streaks towards the mother yeti.

"I'll mount your horns above my mantle!"

Eldritch Blast:
Attack Roll: 1D20+6 = [7]+6 = 13 hits yeti's AC of 12.
Damage Roll: 1D10+4 = [5]+4 = 9

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With the father yeti gruesomely dispatched, Russet exits the cave. He feels much safer now, outside, despite the wind and danger of the mountain. Seeing Zeth blasting the mother yeti, Russet removes a handaxe from his belt and throws it in an arc towards the mother. He miscalculates due to the long range, and the axe glances off a large icicle on the ceiling of the cave and defelcts away. The iceicle breaks off, and plummets to the floor, smashing into peices mere inches from Aric.

See - warrens are dangerous! Full of traps like that!

OOC: sorry for being late! I only got a 10 to hit with disadvantage on my long range roll.


Edited for GM goofing up!


As Russet's axe clatters off the rocks behind her, the mother yeti's eyes flare white as she belts out two staccato roars, seeming as if she'll advance but Aric's magic is keeping her at bay.

The yeti's eyes land on Zeth whose hands weave the workings of a spell. When their eyes meet, the ice cave seems to close in around Zeth, his breath slowing down and becoming denser for a moment as the mind-numbing coldness in the yeti's stare attempts to claim him.

However, she painfully backs away from the barbs emerging through the frost, her silhouette disappearing around the corner along with her offspring as they retreat back into the safety of the cave.

She is just barely clipped by Zeth's bolt of magical force during the retreat.

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 10.40.52 PM.png

GM: @Necropolitan Make a DC 13 Constitution save vs. the yeti's Chilling Gaze, or take 10 cold damage and be paralyzed (save ends).

Mother Yeti (AC 12) = 16 of 51 HP & Mind Slivered (-1d4 on next saving throw before end of Alma’s next turn) & Fear of Fire ended

Yeti Tyke (AC 11+2 = 13 due to half cover from mother) = 3 of 9 HP

Alma = mirror imaged (3)

damage to mommy yeti from Spike Growth: 2D4 = [1, 1] = 2

Currently no one has line of sight to the yetis.
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@Necropolitan Make a DC 13 Constitution save vs. the yeti's Chilling Gaze, or take 10 cold damage and be paralyzed (save ends).
Constitution save: 1D20+2 = [12]+2 = 14

Zeth manages to fight off the chill of the yeti's gaze, helped along by the hot exhilaration of seeing his spell strike the beast.

"We've got the beasts on the run, after them!"

(OOC: Zeth only pursues the yetis if at least one character goes in front of him, he knows he needs a meat shield)


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Lumrolur sighs as the rabbit-warrior leaves.
"We may have to finish this lest the child grows vengeful and starts killing. It will die by the blade either way, but may not pull others with itself. The mother may not be a threat for the moment, but might work to organize a tribe against us. Unfortunate as it is, once you discover warren of enemies in The Deep, you don't do punitive strikes. You eradicate the threat. Not sure if it makes sense in this softer world. If you go after them, I'll follow over the right-side bridge. If not, I'm fine with that."
With that, Lumrolur finds a good way to hide toward the right side bridge and waits to see what others do.

Move and Bonus: dash across the right-side bridge (slowing down as needed not to fall in)
Action: neurotic: D20 + 7#lumrolurstealth → 15(8 + 7)#Lumrolur stealth


Jack grins, the excitement of the battle still coursing through his veins. "I'm with you, best not let those furry behemoths get away! And as for the little one, maybe we should rescue it from a life of vengeance, bring it up as one of our own. Think of the tales we'd have to tell! 'The mountain rescuers and their trusty yeti sidekick, tackling the perils of Icewind Dale together.' Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Jack flutters across the clear bridge to the right, taking his time to go across the solid surface as as to avoid flying over the yawning chasm, as he reloads his crossbow and waves to Zeth, Lumrolur, and the others to come follow him.

"And let's not forget,"
Jack adds, his eyes twinkling with anticipation, "we've yet to see what shiny treasures those yetis might be hoarding in their lair. Who knows what goodies await us!"


Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 6.10.00 PM.png

GM: Mother Yeti (AC 12) = 16 of 51 HP & Mind Slivered (-1d4 on next saving throw before end of Alma’s next turn)

Yeti Tyke (AC 11+2 = 13 due to half cover from mother) = 3 of 9 HP

Alma = mirror imaged (3)

Aric = Spike Growth (concentration), Pass without Trace, Hidden (17)

Lumrolur = Hidden (15)


Jack looks back to see that only Lumrolur has joined in pursuit, and casts a wry grin at Aric, Alma, and the rest of the party, who stand mired in hesitation.

"You know," he starts with a casual flick of an icicle shard between his fingers, "if we let Mama and Junior Yeti scamper off now, we'll just end up trekking back here next week. Only it'll be after they've had a buffet of villagers and, trust me, we won't be coming back just to share any leftovers."

He arches an eyebrow at the thought of bringing the yeti child into their ranks. "I'm telling you, a yeti tyke could be tamed, maybe even learn a parlor trick or two. Imagine that furry bundle fetching our ale, eh? As for Mama Yeti, convincing her to cool her temper and join us might be a stretch—though, admittedly, not the strangest thing I've ever attempted."

Jack's gaze turns distant for a moment as he reminisces. "You know, this kind of reminds me of the time in the Feywild when I made an ally out of a blink dog. Thought it'd be brilliant having a companion who could pop in and out of trouble with me. Turns out it was more interested in teleporting away with my boots every morning. Took me a week to convince my new buddy Paws McPortal that shoes weren't chew toys. Now that was a peculiar adventuring companion!" He chuckles at the absurdity of his past misadventures.

Logrim listens to Jack and nods.

"That makes sense mister Jack. It's not right to leave them to hurt others."

Logrim looks to the others he obviously is unsure what to do and looking to the others to take charge.

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