(IC) We be Jammin' (5e PBP)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Sanderson approached the gruff Giff gunner. "Let me help. Tell me what burns on one of these shipsss."

His plan is to send flame either at the tiller or at the gunner stations, but if burning sails will cause panic, or something else, he can do that too. He can explain anything if asked. A child sits on his shoulders.

OOC: Not knowing speeds, can he ready an action for when the ships are 30' apart? Would there be time fr one at 60 and at 30? I presume the ships are moving faster than that, so 30' would be the go-point for him, initially targeting the biggest group of boarders.

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Steve Gorak

"Thank you, it's a bit confusing to handle, you should try it if we make it out of here! I saw a moth ship and heard that astral elves are coming, I wonder what else we'll see!" Nic says to Delphne, a bit mumbling, in his typical stream of consciousness.

Going on deck, he hears the invitation to man the ballista. He is tempted, but thinking twice, he feels he will be more useful on deck. There, he readies his mind and prepares himself.
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Charlie runs up on deck following Monty, where he had been helping the giff go over the stores. He nods at the hippo-man and moves towards one of the ballistae. He organizes the men around the weapon and begins to load and aim the weapon towards the approaching vessel.


Captain Sartell commanded the ship on something of a cat-and-mouse game. At first, they made a ruse of attempting to run. There was no chance that the Moondancer could outpace the Star Moth, but then, there was also no chance that they could outmaneuver it either. If the Astral Elves so wanted, they could keep the Moondancer at a distance and pummel it into submission with superior firepower.

But Sartell had another plan. She had Flapjack fly the ship into a nearby grouping of asteroids. A large rock flew past the ship as they circled around. Just before they disappeared from the sight of the Star Moth, there was a loud crash as the pursuing ship finally landed a stone flung from the mangonel at long range. There were cries from the frightened refugees below, but on assessment, no one had been seriously harmed.

The Moondancer slipped around the large rock that hurled past them, and when it came around the other side, they were close enough to charge toward their enemy - and close enough to return fire with their ballistae.

OOC: 300 feet. The ballistae is still at long range, as are bows and crossbows, but their mangonel will be at short range. The Moondancer took 34 damage.
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GM: Encounter: Star Moth Attack

(General Features) Difficult Terrain: None Visibility: Bright (Wildlight); Cover: Railings, Hulls
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Charlie AC15 HP 36/36 HD 5/5 PP9 SSdc15 2/2 MA 0/1
Delphne AC16 HP 38/38 HD 5/5 PP13* PI15 SSdc13 3/3
Glau AC15 HP 55/55 THP 0 HD 5/5 PP13 Rg 3/3
Gunthar AC18 HP 64/64 THP 0 HD 5/5 PP14 SSdc12 4/4 2/2 SC 3/3
Nic AC19 HP 58/58 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP15* SSdc15 4/4 2/2
Phlox AC17 HP 38/38 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP16 SSdc14 Ki 5/5 Insp 1/1
Sanderson AC17 HP 38/38 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP17 SSdc15 4/4 3/3 2/2 WS 2/2 Insp 1/1
Sweet William AC19 HP 54/54 THP 0/0 HD 5/5 PP14 SSdc13 4/4 2/2 Insp 1/1
Cpt. Sartell AC15 HP 65/65 HD 10/10 PP10
Able Crew AC11 HP 16ea
Commoner Crew AC10 HP 4ea
Moondancer (Space Galleon) AC15 HP 366/400
Name * AC * HP * PP * (Notes)
Astral Elf AC16 HP 58ea PP13*
-Cpt Azmadian 58/58; Lt. Jalin 58/58; Lt. Zanth/b]
Astral Elf Priestess
AC13 HP 90/90 PP15*
Plasmoids AC11 HP 16ea PP14*
-PM1 16/16; PM2 16/16; PM3 16/16;
-PM4 16/16; PM5 16/16; PM6 16/16;
-PM7 16/16; PM8 16/16; PM9 16/16;
Dark Star (Star Moth) AC13 HP 400/400
GM: Begin Round T-3
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Steve Gorak

Nic gets close to the fore-mast, and extends his hand. From it, lightning shoots out toward the giant moth. Unfortunately, Nic never really used his invention before and the two bolts go wide. He sees that the crystal inside his gauntlet that connects to the elemental plane of Storms is offset, he fiddles with it and smacks his hand on the mast, hoping that this will help with his next attempts. He then moves behind the mast.

Target the mangonel
Attack 1: 2D20.LOW(1)+7 = [3, 1]+7 = 8 Damage 1: 1D6+4 = [5]+4 = 9 (natural 1)
Attack 2: 2D20.LOW(1)+7 = [2, 5]+7 = 9 Damage 2: 1D6+4 = [6]+4 = 10
extra damage 1D6 = [6] = 6
All d20 rolled were under 5! 1/625 odds! I've been really unlucky lately!

Move: 5ft behind the front mast, I think it is AC 92, but I'm not able to see the map well.
Item interaction: Artificer fiddling with his gadget


Move: 5ft behind the front mast, I think it is AC 92, but I'm not able to see the map well.
Item interaction: Artificer fiddling with his gadget.
OOC: I'll zoom in when we get closer. For now, don't worry too much about where you are specifically on the ship (a general impression will do). Taking cover behind the foremast is good! Out of curiosity, what's the range on your lightning?

"We need to take out that mangonel. Prevent them from peppering us from range."

Once the weapon is sighted Charlie thumbs the catch to send the bolt arcing towards the Star Moth. He curses as the shot falls short. Charlie begins to adjust his aim as the other crew members begin winching back the firing mechanism for another shot.

OOC: Action: Shoot ballista Ballista shot at Star Moth mangonel.: 2d20l1+6 11 3d10 21. I assumed we are at long range so I rolled with disadvantage, plus I figured calling a shot would add the same.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The druid Sanderson looks around at he not-sky they are not-sailing through. It makes no sense to him, and he feels disconnected from the nature which gives him life. He is breathing, though he notices that he has not taken a breath in several minutes now, and so there is air. There is no water, no sky, no wind, no life, no nature. He feels bereft. Where is the power of the storm for him now?

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