WotBS Icons/Crests of each faction


Hey all.
I have a map of the WotBS world on my wall. And I'd like to get some tokens or icons so I can show where each of the armies are and how the conflict is looking on a grand scale.

Has anyone made up any icons/crests of each of the factions of the world that I can take a look at?



Thanks for the chuckle, [MENTION=63]RangerWickett[/MENTION]. The number of times we come up with, "Oh yeah, that would be a good idea...".

These are just my thoughts, so take them with a grain of salt.

Ragesia - should be a torch on a red background (whatever is Ragesian red for you). Each army could have their own symbol.

Seaquen - should something to do with magic, a lighthouse, or the coast, but not a spellbook as they are more inclusive (as opposed to Gabal who only trained wizards).

Dassen - should be a stylized mountain (or a griffon). Its flag should be 7 of those mountains around a griffon.

The monastery of the two winds - would be a Yin/Yang symbol as gusts of wind.

Sindaire - would be a bear.

Ostalin - has recently gone through a lot of change with the new Khagan, so it could be whatever you want, but they are allied with -REDACTED- so might just be within the icon/token for -REDACTED-.

Shahalesti - some sort of shining light. Whatever most effectively communicates that while being full of itself. Maybe a shining sword.