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I've long longed to run or play in a game where all the characters share a heritage or class and have (by coincidence) run and played in games where everyone was human, but that was not a thematic choice. I once tried to convince my players to make an all dwarf party (we needed consensus and didn't achieve it) and once pitched an all-gnome party to a group I was playing in, but only had one person who was willing to go along (in the end I was so disappointed I played a human instead).

So that would be my pick to fill in the blank, gnomes (playing) or dwarves (running) - but would also be interested in a group of all rogues or all clerics.

What fills your blank?
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I have played in an unfortunately short-lived all dwarf campaign. We had a blast while it lasted. :) But when I suggested it to another group, it never happened. The prejudice against short is strong - I actually had one player say they'd never run a PC from any race that was less than human height. On the other hand, everyone was all gung-ho about an all elf campaign.

So for me? I think an all rock/tinker gnome party could be a lot of fun. Really lean into zany inventions, unconventional solutions, likely spectacular failures. We might go out with a bang, but it would be fun while it lasted.

It's about the types of stories, and perhaps organizations.

All Rogues could be a good Thieves Guild/heist story
All Wizards could be a good Wizard Academy/arcane mystery story.

Stuff like that.

OK... how about a party where everyone has a permanent fly speed (Aarakocra, Owlin, Fairie, Avariel elf, Winged Tiefling, Chrub (winged halfling), and the story takes place amongst an airship society (traders, pirates, explorers, etc.), and is balanced around the PCs being able to fly?

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I have run all-thieves groups and an all-halfling campaign set in Mystara's Five Shires. Both went great.

During the 4E era, I toyed with creating fantasy heartbreakers built off of 3E in which there was only one race in each book and custom classes built around them. So the dwarf book would be all taking place underground, feature dwarf versions of fighters, clerics, rogues and wizards, etc., would have a focused monster section that was just about dwarf ecosystem monsters and nothing else, etc. (The dwarf book would have neutral mole people as a third party between the warring dwarves and goblins, for instance.)

I'm also thinking about creating a wizard school setting, based on my disappointment with existing wizard school D&D settings.


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All Warlocks game.

Hexblade warlock with criminal background and some sneakyskills.
Celestial Warlock for the healing.
Fiend Warlock for straight damage.
GOO Coordinator-lock acting as the party's primary face.

But here's the kicker: They all serve the same patron and their unique powers are based entirely on the specific requirements the patron needs them for.

And the game has them as a cult doing spy games in a big city against other cults, the thieves guild, and other outlaw factions while trying to avoid the law until they have amassed enough wealth, power, and influence to start putting guards on their payroll.

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