D&D General "I'd like to run (or play in) an all ___________ campaign." (+)

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I think an all Barbarian campaign would be interesting, especially if pitted against "civilization."
This might be an argument for an all-Outlander background campaign, with strong encouragement for everyone to play Barbarian. So tonally the same, and they'd fit together very logically, but maybe not have 100% overlap in classes.

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Morkus from Orkus
I've long longed to run or play in a game where all the characters share a heritage or class and have (by coincidence) run and played in games where everyone was human, but that was not a thematic choice. I once tried to convince my players to make an all dwarf party (we needed consensus and didn't achieve it) and once pitched an all-gnome party to a group I was playing in, but only had one person who was willing to go along (in the end I was so disappointed I played a human instead).

So that would be my pick to fill in the blank, gnomes (playing) or dwarves (running) - but would also be interested in a group of all rogues or all clerics.

What fills your blank?
In 3e I always wanted to do an all specialist wizard campaign with everyone having a different specialty, and at least half of the caster's spells being from the specialty school.

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