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ZEITGEIST Ideas for a Grand Librarium Heist Oneshot


For context, recently i did a character creation with a new player who is joining our campaign, and the resulting character is a former inquisitor deva who became dissapointed with the Clergy hoarding so many secret books, so he decided to attempt to do a heist of the Jenevah Grand Librarium, but eventually needed to run when it failed.

Since he's new to DnD, this gave me the ideia to do a short session with him and another player of the same heist.

These are currently my ideias, heavily based on the description in Book 11 with some modifications: The Vault has various levels, with increasingly higher defensive security measures, the last one being the one mentioned in the book, where the ritual of axis and other serious artifacts are stored in demiplanes.

-To help the players with the heist, one of them is playing an also dissatisfied library priest, who is dissapointed with the technology prohibition from the Clergy, so he will have access to some useful information about security in the library

-Since the new player is playing a rogue, he will have access to a criminal contact, so for that role i chose Oscan lagurio (The Ob member in the Family), who can provide some equipment and alternative methods into entering the library for the low-low price of obtaining some specific magical books in the Vault (for the Ob).

-I'm going to use some homebrew paper or book based monsters to represent the spirits possessing parts of the library for defence.

-I'm also going to prepare some magical books if they do manage to get into the lower levels of the Vault.

-As a possible ending to the session, if both players manage to get deep enough into the vault before getting caught, Ken Don (the Ob head researcher in the library) will appear. Impressed by the desire for knowledge of both and their completence, he would then help them to escape with different identities and give them each a Tier 5 OB ring. I think this would be nice, since the new player doesn't know about this aspect of the conspiracy, so he would think he was only joining a group of seekers of knowledge. The other player's character would become an NPC, which the characters would have to face in the future (With the possibility of convincing him to leave the Ob).

My big question is this: What kind of secret or hidden information that are not top-secret would they manage to find in the vault?

Also, other ideas for the oneshot are appreciated :)

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