If ISRP isn't working...

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Fixed, thanks to the timely email I received.

Some people have expressed they don't want to email me because they're not sure if it's something I can fix. So as a general guideline:

If the rest of EN World is functional, but the chat isn't... I can (hopefully) fix it.

If the rest of EN World is down or behaving extremely eradically, then it's out of my hands.


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That's a good idea.

Often the problem is that EN World itself is down, so nothing really helps when that's the case: people can't get to the login page, the forum, or anywhere connected to EN World. Not sure what to do about that.

BTW, for others seeing this thread, chat is currently working again.


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So, EN World is still (forever) not working. Please use Unlikely Heroes:

Unlikely Heroes Chat

Please also note: despite the pulls of real-life activities on the wizos/magi, ISRP is still considered a moderated site. Even if you don't see anyone "in uniform" on site, you are still encouraged to report abuse to "isrpmagi@gmal.com". Even at UH.

- Trelian

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