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D&D General If you’ve been knocked out and wake up without your kit, how do you go about MacGyvering an escape?

It's certainly an interesting rule. And kind of preferable to the "Lies of Locke Lamora" style solutions. I feel like any idiot in a fantasy world who captured a mage would know to go for the full Lavinia, but your maimed PC's player would be (rightly) upset about that. That in turn means you've got to build special "mage shackles" or "anti-magic prison cells" instead, and that can feel heavy-handed. This unconscious bit is crazy-punishing if you get hit with the wrong end of a sleep spell, but I do like that it solves the other problem.
I've been trying to remember if we made it up, but I doubt it as I think that we all would have put up a fight and I seem to recall reading it. I'm going to look for it now. Think it was 2e. If I can find it I'll post it.

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I found it. It's an optional rule in the 2E DMG revised in 1995 called "Hovering on Deaths Door". It regards dealing with dying with negative hit points and what the repercussions are from being revived after. It states that a spellcasters spells are wiped from their mind. Reading it with more maturity it appears we may have abused the rule a bit. It was in the last place I looked, I knew I wasn't crazy and making up rules or misremembering.


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No weapons?
No armor?


Monk. Accept no substitute.
Excuse me good sir, but I'm pretty sure you meant Bard. What other class has their effectiveness increase when not wearing clothes? The runner-up monk just remains neutral.

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