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For no particular reason, I'm from Britain, where I currently still live. Where's everyone else from? Where do you now live?


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Argentina. Never left the country, and don't think I'm going to very soon, despite a friend's constant requests. =P


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YES VISIT ME in Australia....

I have never really moved (lived on the same street my whole life). I'm never moving (famous last words), though one day . . . I want a white Christmas and New Years.

Jea, might have to visit you for that one!


--edit: We should totally fashion this up though. Jea is from Pomdom! I'm from Downunder. And unforturnately I have no real knowledge of a slang term for Argentina. Sorry Bari.
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I am from Beirut Lebanon, and I currently reside in Jounieh Lebanon. Very soon I hope to relocate to Europe, in paticular Madrid Spain for school.

*Waves to her international roleplayers!*

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OH GADS! Meh? SUUuuuuuuure! I'm from Missouri, been about everywhere else in the south and south west in the States. 'n seen just about all sorts of rednecks. Such an interesting breed of people.


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Unfortunatley no, but I do speak english and I have discovered through research that english is the secondary language there. :)

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