D&D 1E I'm gonna run some Greyhawk. What supplements should I seek out?

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How inconvenient
It is a tad expensive - but worth it imho.

For the old stuff, you may also like early issues of The Oerth Journal (say, up to issue #16) that have articles by Robert Kuntz, Lenard Lakofka (issues #10 and #11, if memory serves), and Roger E. Moore in them. Also, issue #23 has a (3E) extension of WG5, by Robert Kuntz.

You can get them for free here.


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For reference, the USB drive version is $10 more than the CD, as I recall.


That seems to be the case, but worth it for me. Not only is flash memory less prone to degradation than optical discs but, as mentioned above, none of my computers have an optical drive. :)
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Understood :D

If you're looking to combine shipping, Black Blade carries lots of OSR stock, including most of RJK's works in print (including the ERK Archive). Just saying ;)



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Well, the people who will ostensibly be ordering this for me (my folks) actually live in El Dorado (and my dad is in Wichita for court several times a week), so they could just hand you the $$$ and pick up the goods. :D

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