I'm Looking For Players For An Exploration Heavy Game In My Classless and Level-less Homebrew System


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It’s been five days since the Nývon crashed on the shores of an unknown island, only three weeks into its two month journey towards Isgård. Some claim the captain was inebriated and ran the ship aground, others swear they saw an enormous snake-like creature pierce it’s hull. Regardless, the journey may still be considered at least a partial success; you and your fellow passengers have managed to find refuge from the tyranny and fanaticism that plagued your homeland. Almost a week later, now that the casualties have been laid to rest and supplies have been salvaged, the minds of the survivors move towards the future.


I'm looking for players to join a west marches style game played using my custom homebrew system Isgård. A little about the system: It's classless and level-less, with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. Some character death is expected, with combat designed to be quick and deadly. The setting is loosely based around old Norse themes. It's a west marches style game, so all sessions will start and end in "town", with a (potentially) different group of players each session. Party size is 3-4.

Platform: Discord & Roll20

Age: 24+

Tone: Pseudo-serious

Time Zone: EST / UTC-5

Game Time: Player Driven (West Marches Style)

Full disclosure - While I don't consider this a playtesting game per se, I am still working on refining some of the finer details of the system. Constructive feedback is appreciated. :)

If you're interested, shoot me a message here or check out the discord:

Join the Isgård Discord Server!

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