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the Jester


An island ruled by a lawful evil orcish dictator is trying to join a trade federation that powerful mercantile nations have set up because they have lots of natural resources and if they can become accepted as a civilized race, adventurers will no longer be free to come murder his people. He has a few human and dwarven subjects, but his island nation is composed of a strongly lawful sect of orcs whose patron deity is a lawful neutral god normally associated with more good-aligned followers in the campaign; the orcish warlord uses this as a powerful political tool in dealing with other races.

The orcs can't simply conquer everywhere they go because there just aren't enough of them. They have grown crafty and will attempt to use contracts, negotiations, business deals, etc. to their best advantage. If he deems it necessary, the dictator is willing to use force- but he looks to the long-term consequences. He could potentially be a long-term campaign adversary the pcs could deal with until they are very high level, depending on his class and level.

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While exploring some underground complex, the party finds the wrinkled body of a dead dwarf preventing the sliding door of a secret passage to close back. Further examination of the body may reveal it was a derro and a Heal check (DC 15) will reveal he died of some disease (DC 25 indicates it is Filth Fever).

The secret passage leads to an underground derro complex and this particular passage was seldom used and shows signs of disuse. The complex is completely uninhabited, only corpses appear in the streets wrinkled and fetid, most of them dead from the same disease. There is plenty to loot here if one is willing to risk contagion, however, dwelling for too long in the caves will draw the attention of a group of mutated Otyugh that used to leave in the lower-levels the Duergar threw their garbage in. There is over 20 creatures in the group but they only hunt in clusters of 2-4.

These mutated Otyugh, like some fish from the dark, deeper recesses of the sea, has developed some kind of biochemical light, something like a lamp on a stalk that juts from over its maw and that the creatures use to lure pray. This biochemical light, however, affects Derro like sunlight (slowly reducing their Constitution). The lightstalks can be salvaged out of a dead creature and kept in effect for a couple of weeks before waning out, the effect of the light has never been tested against any other kind of creature and may be efficient against other creatures of the dark, perhaps even vampires.

David Argall

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Another crazy mage insists he knows the way to train owlbears. You would think mages would learn better from all the past failures, but no...
Anyway, he wants a couple of adult owlbears, and of course he wants healthy ones that have not been tramacized by adventurers beating them up.
Well, it's still gold...

David Argall

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A paladin wants a pegasus as her special mount. Besides the physical problems of finding the creature and getting it to listen to the proposition, the party must help with the alignment clash between the lawful paladin and the chaotic pegasus.


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The party is on the trail of an evil derro druid who grows hallucinogenic mushrooms and slips them into the food and water supplies of nearby villages. They catch up to him in his lair, but, in addition to various nasty traps, the place is crawling with phantom fungus, who use hit-and-run tactics to tire the players while the druid prepares his defenses. How do you fight an enemy that's impossible to see?

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a phase spider has taken up residence in a nearby pass hwere it can frequently prey on its favor meal, horses. unfortunately for the party, and ehtereal filchetr has learned that stealing form the pack animals as the phase spider attacks gives him extra cover, as most people naturally move to protect their mounts and pay no attention whatsoever as he raids their supplies.

phasm is next-

David Argall

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The secret service has found one of its spies unreliable and wants you to bring him in. However it seems there is nobody of that description at his location. Lots of other people, all hostile to your country, and of course to you and the spy if they found out.

Finding the phasm and convincing it to come along, without blowing your own cover, will be a chore.



Aasimar and Tiefling
An Aasimar Paladin and a Tiefling Rogue learn the very same day they are half-siblings. The witch Nogeria in the western swamp bore both and sent them to be raised in different places. Now Nogeria is ill and she has sent letters to both of her offspring about collecting her estate.

The Aasimar Paladin and the Tiefling Rogue both seek allies as they travel to the witch's deathbed. The Tiefling desperately wants her mother's powerful enchanted items. The Aasimar is concerned they could fall into the wrong hands.

The result is a desperate race across the swamp and a final confrontation against a sibling neither ever knew.

Next up Pseudodragon.


serves Gnome Master
Re: Orcs

the Jester said:
An island ruled by a lawful evil orcish dictator is trying to join a trade federation that powerful mercantile nations blah blah....

Teh Orcs have a Pie. Teh Orcs are evil. Adventurers kill teh Orcs and take teh pie.



Pseudo Dragon
A Pseudo Dragon is sizing up a member of the party as a possible companion. The Pseudo Dragon stalks the candidate for days reading their minds as it sets various tasks and choices before the PC.

Most of these could be run as side adventures.

One task involves the PC rescuing a lesser creature (a cat or something of the sort) at risk of life and limb. Another task involves going out of the way to drive some snakes out of the burrows of friendly animals.

Others could be included, but the theme should be for the PC to put a lesser creature's needs ahead of their own.

At the end of the adventure the Pseudo Dragon approaches the PC and tells him/her why or why not it will accompany them as a companion.

Next up is Purple Worm...


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Purple Worm

A local mage's academy has a problem. They gave their gardener a new magical fertilizer that, unbeknownst to them, had yet to be fully tested. The roses now grow to the size of sequoias, and one tomato can easily feed the entire student body for a week, but there's just one tiny problem; pests. Can the party stop the new infestation of giant, ravenous earthworms?

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A powerful rakshasa sorcerer has killed the king, improsioned the royal family, and dared any adventurers in the area to come up and kill it. Now, the party, knowing that there will be money to be made, decides to take him up on his offer. Now, everybody knows that a blessed crossbow bolt kills rakshasas instantly.

So do the rakshasas.

The party quickly finds themselves in over their heads, as the castle is now full of wind wall traps, illusion spells, cultists disguised as the sorcerer, and powerful guards and wards. Can the party actually catch the rakshasa off guard and shoot him down? Will they even be able to get out alive?

Demiurge out.

David Argall

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The royal zoo needs a swarm of rasts and you have "volunteered" to fetch them [alive and healthy of course]

Oh yes, you will need to do something about the druids, half of whom want you to kill the rasts before they infest the plane, and half of which want to kill you for taking the poor creatures from their home. [If you do nothing, they will combine and try to do both.]


Inventor of Super-Toast

An elderly, half-senile nobleman hasn't paid, much less fed, his servants for weeks. After a few weeks of stealing his possessions just so they can eat and refusing to serve the old man, his entire staff leaves and does not come back. The same day, all of the objects in the house (candelabras, clocks, dishes, wardrobes, etc.) animate and serve him.
The nobleman, having read too many fairy-tales as a child, believes that the servants were turned into objects for their wickedness and are serving penance by serving him. He publicizes the entire incident, and soon his family in their manors are sick of him being an embarassment. The family hires the party to debunk the tales of the old noble's inanimate servants, little realizing that a ravid has taken pity on the old man and has become very protective...

Demiurge out.


"Listen," the old sage started, "I shall tell you a true tale of the North. There lives a fantastic creature that guards the ancient polar gem mines. The remorhaz uses the great mines to attract its prey. Burrowing through ice and snow it swallows up the greedy in its maw."

"What's the polar gem mines?" one of the young adventurters asked.

"The richest gem mine known in the world," the sage answered. "But know this, it is the honey of the flycatcher. If you..."

"Let's go," one of the other adventurers interupted.

"Yeah, I know where some furs are we can wear," another adventurer offered.

"It eats men whole, young ones," the sage called after them. "Listen, I tell you listen..."

It was too late the adventurers had left.

Next up Roc...
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The local metropolis is preparing for its annual cooking competition. The theme this month is for the most creative and exotic meal with no magic involved in any way.

A local merchant with too much free time & excess wealth is looking to score popularity with the population by winning the contest. He has a meal that he is sure will win the contest, but it needs several a Roc egg as the ingredient.

He's looking for a few robust adventurers to go out and gather one for him from a nest in the nearby mountains.

Next up...Roper

Glyfair of Glamis



The lovely Princess has been kidnapped by the evil Duke. His fortress cannot be assaulted by the King's forces - it would be suicide. A prolonged siege is not an option due to magics available to the Duke. What is called for is a light strike force to sneak into the castle and rescue the princess.

One of the Duke's former men has given the location of a secret tunnelway into the fortress. The Duke is unconcerned about assaults from the tunnels because of the numerous traps and an ancient Roper he feeds down there.

Next up is Rust Monster.


That's Latin for "cool"
An orc warlord has heard of the PCs attempts to infiltrate his lair. He his canny enough to know of all the other orc heroes who have met their end at the hands of human and elf monsters and he has a solution!

The orc dungeon is a typical one, with a minor exception: no metals. All orc weapons are made of laqured wood and do one die less damage (so a longsword would do 1d6). All armor is leather or hide. There are traps, but they consist of deadfalls or organic poisons. When the party gets to the heart of the dungeon, they discover why: The orc warlord has somehow managed to aquire four rust monsters! The battle will be an odd one as the party will be under the orc's hail of sling stones, while fending off the attention of the poor metal-starved beats!


next: sahuagin


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One of the PCs, an aquatic elf, finds as treasure after doing battle with sahaguin pirates a gold amulet which resembles peices that have always been in his family, on the elven side. He decides to take the PCs down to his family's aquatic city to get some answers. Is he ready to know that the city is really crawling with malenti? Is he ready to know that his father is a malenti?

Demiurge out.

David Argall

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A smith realizes that a salamander would make a great assistant in his forge work, so the PCs are to recruit a flamebrother. Finding one while avoiding getting attacked by his tribe, and other dangers, will be a bother, as will recruiting it [whether by bargaining or by a few raps on the head].

In either case, when the party returns to the home plane, they find the smith has gone bankrupt and nobody wants the salamander, so the party has to return it [facing the dangers again] or open their own forge [dealing with the urges of the flamebrother to do evil, and the other smiths who do not like the competition]

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