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The Book of Fire and Ash, considered a holy relic in many flame-worshipping pantheons, has resurfaced. After thousands of years, it has been uncovered by a group of excavators digging in the ruins of an ancient temple buried in a dormant volcano. When the book was brought to the surface it felt the heat of the Sun, and the resulting explosion reawakened the old volcano, killing most of the excavators and destroying their camp.

Sages and clerics attuned to the Way of the Flame can read in campfires, cooking fires, and scrying pools that the Book of Fire and Ash has been found. Many groups, including one led by a noble salamander cleric, are gathering their resources to go find it and bring it back to their altars. The salamander noble leads a troop of other salamanders and flame brothers, and races to get to the volcano and the tunnels and temple ruins underneath to claim the Book as their own.

A sage, perhaps someone the PCs are familiar with, contacts them immediately after the volcanic explosion. The sage has read the signs, and knows the book has been found. He also knows that others are after it, and fears what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands. He begs the PCs to find the Book of Fire and Ash first, or at least ensure it is put into the hands of those who would use it for Good.


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A satyr sorcerer with a malicious streak a mile wide has acquired a set of pipes that cause all who hear its music to be polymorphed into weasels (Will DC17). Needless to say, those communities around the satyr’s patch of forest are more than a little upset. Unfortunately, everyone they have sent in to parlay with the satyr, or then later to kill him out-right, have been weaselized.

As the PCs pass though the village, the village leaders beg them to deal with the satyr sorcerer. What they don’t know however, is that the satyr himself is under a powerful charm spell. While he is a malicious prankster, he is under the command of an evil orc druid, mad at the communities surrounding his forest for harvesting so many of the minks, foxes, rabbits, and weasels for their fur trade. The villagers, in their greed, have nearly hunted the fur-bearing animals into extinction, and the druid wants to repopulate. The druid is using the satyr in hopes that if the satyr is ever caught or killed, the druid can slip back into the shadows and try something else.


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A giant pride of sea lions has moved into a harbor near a small coastal town. The harbor provides them with shelter from rough seas, plenty of small fish for food, and playful sport, as the younger ones like to race between the many sunken posts the town uses to hold up its docks.

The town however, has become landlocked. Any boat that leaves its dock is attacked within minutes, no matter the size, and many have already been sunk. The village depends on its fish-trade for survival, and the season for fishing is winding down, with nothing to show for it.

The village elders demand that the PCs eliminate the pride, freeing their harbor and allowing the fishermen back to the sea. However, an aquatic druid approaches the PCs as they begin their task, requesting them to look deeper into the depths, and find out what drove the sea lions from their usual haunts. This will take some time, as the investigation takes the PCs into underground caverns and sunken ruins, but the village elders need the harbor open NOW.

The PCs should be encouraged to find a solution to keep everyone happy, the villagers, the druid, and the sea lions.


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A shaman necromancer has developed a nasty trap to kill off nosy adventurers. His trap consists of an enchanted torch, hanging in a sconce across of from a wide wall in his cave. The trigger for the trap is the presence of three or more large life-forces, such as humanoid adventurers. When at least three people come within 30 feet of the torch, it flares up, casting their shadows on the wall behind them. One round later, these shadows come to un-life and detach from the wall to attack the intruders, just as the torch flickers out.

The shaman necromancer is now working on the necromantic equivalent of a “flash-bang grenade,” which his warriors can toss over enemy camp walls at night. The grenades light up with a flash, and up to 1d4 shadows cast by nearby humanoids are fused with undead shadows, pulled from the Negative Energy plane, to attack those within.


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David Argall

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Shadow Mastiff

Pepe, the overindulged son of a noble insisted that shadow mastiff puppy was just what he wanted, and thus just what he got.
For some time, this worked out fine [at least as fine as anything involving a spoiled brat can]. The 2 were great pals and didn't cause trouble more than once a day. [The servants hated being bayed at, but at least it gave them an excuse to run off from work for awhile.]

But Puppy has grown up and left to find other shadow mastiffs, and Pepe has gone chasing off after him into the Shadow district, which has dangers besides the dogs. For some reason, his parents are frantic to get him back, and the party is hired to fetch.

Pepe is entirely immune to baying and other shadow mastiff abilities due to long exposure. With this, and Puppy defending him, he has become the pet of a pack, who are not interested in giving him up. He is not at all interested in rescue [A situation that may well change in a few weeks as he learns the drawbacks of this sort of life, but the party can't wait that long.]

Fighting is the simple solution, but Pepe won't like this and he will order his parents to punish the people who hurt his friends. A bargain is possible, if the party has lots of diplomacy, some way to communicate, and some way to get the talks started before the mastiffs get bored or hungry. Kidnapping Pepe is also difficult, but not totally impossible.


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Shambling Mound:

The party has to infiltrate the local thief's guild and to do so, they must enter the sewers to get to the secret lair. (talk about cliche!!)

This secret lair happens to be protected by numerous electricity traps set to go off when the PCs pass nearby. The area around the lair also has knee deep to chest deep water in every passage, making the electricity that much more lethal.

In addition to the electricity traps, the PCs will find numerous shambling mounds lurking in the water (all of which of course happen to be immune to the electricity traps!!!)

Next up is Shield Guardian---


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Archaeologists have been digging in the old part of town. Their excavations have revealed what appears to be a large and ornate statue, and they suspect the room or buliding they are digging up was once an alchemists lab from various pottery fragments. One of the archaeologists insisted in finishing the dig on the statue without getting proper clearance from the magical authorities. Unfortunately as they were half-way down someone awoke the creature, which attacked the workers and scholars in the area and is now once again performing it's duty in protecting the laboratory.

Possible solutions:

--- Do some historical research (bards anyone?) to uncover the original creator, this would involve liasing with the archaeologists or maybe even contacting other plane to discover the password or sequence to stop the guardian.

--- Kick the door down and kill the thing.

--- Create a trap or distraction to lure the creature into, saving a messy combat.

David Argall

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shocker lizard

A sign on the door of the lich's research lab says "remove all armor and metal weapons and deposit here before entering."

Listening reveals some sort of clicking sound.

The shocking lizards inside have been trained that metal armor or weapons = foes and will attack immediately. Those in robes are deemed friends. [Trying to pet a lizard or even take one with you is possible, tho not safe if one lacks animal handling skills or such.]

David Argall

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The university has a very large collection of skeletons. Unfortunately it has been discovered that a number of them are Skeletons, with unknown instructions [likely some sort of "When X happens, attack..."]. They want these removed, without any fuss, and of course without damaging the other skeletons.
Oh yes, due to a dispute with the temples, the skeletons are kept in an area where cleric spells and turning are not as [at all?] effective. So it may take a bit of work to find the sleepers.


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The PCs are approached by a slimy creature that looks like a cross between a human and a fish.

The creature explains that it has come to the characters for help -- apparantly it's master, a very powerful Aboleth, has recently come under attack from a band of Duergar. The duergar have used some of their engineering techniques to dam up the small underground lake where the Aboleth resides.

The Aboleth refuses to leave because some of it's eggs are laid nearby and it doesn't want to abandon them if it doesn't have to. Instead the Aboleth sent some of it's Skum slaves out to find a band of adventurers willing to help the Aboleth for the right price.

Next up is Slaad ---


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Slaad, then


Mid-afternoon-- the PC party comes across a remote village. The whole town is quite, and appears deserted from a distance. Crows flap their wings and caw from roof tops, and a pack of feral dogs can bee seen tearing into what appears to be a corpse as the PCs approach the outskirts of the village.

Late afternoon--as the PCs get closer and begin to explore the village, they find a half-dozen of villagers, all with their chests blown out from the center, like something tore its way out from the inside. The town shows clear signs of fighting, and several huts have been reduced to smoldering ruins. The corpses scattered about can’t possibly account for the entire village though, so surely someone is hiding somewhere…

Evening—the PCs begin to notice that something or someone is tracking their movements through the village. Eventually they discover a young girl, who beckons them to her. She warns them that it is not safe to be in the village after dark, and asks them to follow her to a place of safety.

She leads them to the basement of the old mill. There are a handful of other survivors, including the village priest. The priest takes them to a cooled locker, where there are another dozen or so comatose people lined up, all under an altered version of the preserve corpse spell the priest was able to work out with his god. The priest explains they have all been infected with whatever it is that killed some the villagers above. He says that horrible monsters had burst through their chests, killing the host and slaughtered dozens of other villagers, dragging them off into the darkness to feed.

Through the battle during that first night, the priest as able to organize some of the village members to put up a resistance, but most of the town was slain. The next morning, before the PCs arrived, the survivors crept out and found the few villagers left up top, all of whom had been implanted with slaad eggs (the priest doesn’t know this is what’s going on, he just knows something is inside of them). The priest had these comatose people brought back to the basement of the mill, where he was able to put them in a sort of stasis. However, he knows his preserve corpse spell is weakening, due to the magical resistances of whatever is incubating inside their chests.

Nightfall—The PCs are now trapped in the basement of the mill with the priest and his fellow villagers. They must fend off the onslaught of 5-6 slaad, hoping the preserve corpse spells don’t fail and they are not attacked from the inside by even more slaad as the eggs hatch and new slaad burst forth.

If they succeed, can they find a way to “cure” the remaining villagers? Is it possible the originator of the infestation is IN THE MILL with them, disguised as one of the surviving villagers?


That's Latin for "cool"

The party recieves an odd message. When they were just beginning their adventures they slew a foe. But the small villiage they saved are now requesting that they slay the foe again! They are threatening to spread the word that the party "left the job half finished"

When the party returns they meet and greet many of the people they had met when they were 1st level. They now have the opportunity to interact with such folk on an equal basis and with much more wealth.

However, this is not a time for happy reunion! The old foe has met an end at violent hands (the party's!) and now thirsts for revenge!

edit: next is sphinx. This should be a puzzler. "Puzzler"! Get it? Bwah-hah-hah! I kill me.
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The heroes happen upon a gynosphinx trying to resist the advances of an overly amorous hieracosphinx. She calls out to them to help her get rid of the creature. After the hieracosphinx is dead, she explains that there is also a criosphinx in the region who has been making advances towards her. She would be pleased to reward the party with a portion of her hoard if they could find an her an androsphinx to keep her company and deal with the criosphinx.

Next: Spider eater.

Spider eater

(i was saying to myself, "ok, i gotta participate..." and now i'm sutck with the spider eater? dang... :D)

A very wealthy man breeds spidereaters. In a bold coup, his precious creatures (2 adult specimens and 5 still young and unable to fly) have been stolen by bandits, who now use them for raids on merchant caravans. The breeder hires the PC's to bring him back at least 1 living adult specimen, or he will be ruined.

(bleh. It's late and I'm under medication :))


(next: sprite)

David Argall

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Sprite - Grig

A grig tried too many practical jokes on somebody powerful with no sense of humor. Sp its friends have hired the party to guard it.

Of course, the minor fact that the party is the only thing keep it from a very painful death does not stop, or even slow down, the sprite's preference for pranks, and the party is so available...

So the party must guard itself, and any bystanders who may be dangerous, from the sprite while they guard the sprite.


Sprite - Nixie

The village blacksmith's son has disappeared, and evidence points in that he wandered to a lake in the woods. The lake is a source of superstition and has been considered haunted for untold centuries.

Turns out that one of the nixies of the lake took a liking to the boy and is keeping him charmed permanently, casting it anew every 24 hours. He is being kept in a cave, where the only entrance is underwater. There is an airhole at the top, but it is hidden under the roots of a great tree on an island in the middle of the lake.

So, the party has to find the boy, and convince the nixie to let him go. If they come to blows, remember that the nixie will only be able to use its charm person ability twice per day, having already used it once on the boy.

Next: Sprite - Pixie
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