In Defence of Chickens [IC]


The hideous beasts surge forwards, and even in their twisted and inhuman faces you can see the panic as they look at their slain leader.Jack ducks beneath the spear that jabs at his face, but the scaled creature pushes past with a look of rage, it's weapon sinking deep into Ranken's chest. The monster with no jaw smashes its weapon directly into Calvin's face, his nose exploding in a torrent of red that coats all around.

7 on Jack, 12 on Ranken. 20! on Calvin

As Calvin and Ranken collapse to the floor dead, the monsters don't halt in their forward surge, clambering over the corpses and sprinting for freedom.

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"Aah! We've let the monsters out!" cried Wenzel, who decided it was best to let them past.

Margrit continued to see if she could revive Dav, concerned that her initial look-over might have done more harm than good.

Markus lifted Dav's unconsious body, trying to do his best to turn him around for Margrit to check.

Edelgard went to gather his dart, having missed with it earlier.

Talia called, "We have them on the rout! Give chase where you can!" and she waved her sword at them, too far to be effective.

OOC: Talia attacked, mighty pitifully:
Attack w/sword: 1D20 = [2] = 2
1D8 = [1] = 1


Still slightly dazed from her experience by the well, Alice finds it hard to focus on the wounded Dav.

Talia's sword swings an arc through the air, but the lizard headed creature she was aiming for continues to sprint in the direction of the gate.


Hanging from the crumbling staircase that winds around the tower are three figures. Blood seeps from open wounds in their bare chests, already starting to turn pustulent in the foetid air of the tower. It takes a minute in the dirt and filth, but you recognise them as people from your village; stripped naked strung up and beaten.

"There might be some people alive in there," Garwen calls out. He and Vasha step slowly into the room. If they are not attacked, they approach one of the bodies to see if it's alive.


Nothing seems to move within the darkness of the tower, but the stench of rotting food and wet fur is overwhelming. The floors are covered with what looks like old animal furs.

The people at the back of the room are filthy, covered in dried blood and barely conscious, but they seem to be breathing.


A suffusion of yellow
Everyones attention turned as the monsters from the tower went streaming pass, thankfully intent on escape rather than attack

Fritz made sure Koby the orphan was okay and then seeing Garwen and the others venture inside decides to follow them despite the carnage at the entrance

Ivan pushed his back up against the still closed door of the Fire blackened building, he has abandoned the idea of opening it and instead goes to follow Fritz.

The Elf Stradew also follows down towards the tower, providing cover fire if any of the monsters decide to turn around and come back


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Jack nods, grateful to have someone tell him what to do. He moves out of the tower, careful to avoid any monsters, and simply yells out, "There's people in here! Survivors!"

He motions for others to come in and help Garwen release the still living people.

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