In Defence of Chickens [IC]

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Fleetfoot Mac heeds Talias words about giving the monsters chase; the squire moves quickly after them, staying just out of reach to be sure while looking out of the corners of his eyes to check whether his companions follow.

"Do not let them get away with this," Alice screams, angry about the casualties already lying about and heedless of more to come. She rushes at the nearest monster and swings her club at it. In her anger, however, the strike is less accurate than she is capable of, and it swings just in front of the creature suddenly standing still.

Alice: 1D20 = [3] = 3
1D4 = [2] = 2

I thought about using those Luck points, but no way I can increase that 3 to something that actually hits... :(


The beast lashes out to it's side with its spear in response to Alice's clumsy attack. With a mighty bellow, the goat-headed creature beside ir plunges its spear downards, both taking Alice right through the chest.

As she falls to the ground dead, the other creatures pause in their retreat, gather themselves, and turn snarling to the rest...


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Alice!" Fleetfoot Mac screams as he watches the miller go down. He takes care not to rush to her body, however, realizing they should hold their distance.

"We need to work together," he says to the others, most notably Talia next to him. "I suggest a defensive line; together we are stronger than apart."

Meanwhile, Jack helps another poor soul out of his bindings, then looks around. "Is everyone free?" he asks, before turning back to help with the monsters outside.

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