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In Defence of Chickens [IC]

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Wenzel, the Orphan
Wenzel sees the bodies moving and feels the courage from his newfound title melt away. He steps back and glances at the others standing weapon in hand. He gathers his courage and goes to pick up a large pebble and throw it at the nearest suspended body.

Margrit the Healer and Markus the Alchemist
Seeing the others get ready, Margit and Markus respectively draw their club and staff and move up a bit, staying 10 feets behind the front row of party members.

Edelgard, the Scribe
At the sight of his companion getting ready to face death, he scoffs. Nonetheless, he pulls out his darts, but still stays further in the back.


Stardew's arrow goes wild, flying over the head of what used to be Alban. Wenzel quickly lobs a small stone in the creature's direction, but it lands with a harmless thud a few feet in front of him.


The corpses' feet hit the ground, and they begin to lurch towards you with unnatural, jerking movements, the vines which had attached them to their posts flailing around them. They are about 20 feet in front of where you stand, makeshift weapons at the ready.

JustinCase rolls 20
thirdkingdom rolls 16
jmuchiello rolls 15
TheCourier rolls 12
TheAlkaizer rolls 11


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Being dragged to the front by Granny, Billy Happy is decidedly unhappy to suddenly be face to face with moving corpses of people he knew. He takes a few steps forward and with a howl that stems more from terror than bravery, the halfling stabs at the nearest undead with his rusty knife.

The mariners agility is obvious in the accuracy of the strike.

Granny Grain
Her face unreadable, Granny steps behind Billy and uses the smaller fellow’s stature, reaches over him with her pitchfork.

The back of the makeshift weapon hits her shoulder, however, and the attack does not come close to the zombie.

Quiet as always, Jack notes the smell most of all. It doesn’t bother him much; in fact he remembers once when a local lad had stuffed two dead cats in the bucket the gongfarmer collected, and it was far worse than this. Or maybe he was just getting used to it.

Without thinking too much, the lad advances on the undead next to the one Billy and Granny are assaulting. He waves his trowel around, appearing to be more of a danger to himself than to others.

The other halfling cautiously advances, his hand gripping a pair of scissors that seem too clean and too small for combat.

He holds still about 25 feet away from the zombies, then goes pale.


His voice is full of pain.


With a leap, Billy manages to slice right through the vine protruding from Alban's eye, severing it in two. The vine falls away, flailing weakly, and taking part of the corpse's skin with it.

The critical hit did an extra 3 damage!


The two halflings hack away at the plant monsters, cutting deep gashes into the corpses and causing the vines to spring free. They flail around in the air for a moment, before lashing back at their attackers. Vines whip past Yolo's head, just grazing his scalp. Billy is caught full on by one which wraps round him, thorns puncturing his flesh before the vine flicks away, taking chunks of Billy with it.

Damage - Billy takes 4 points of damage


Talia Eastmoor, Noble

She's glad to see everyone else is fighting, which gives her the courage to point at Mac with her longsword and shout, "I'll strike one from behind while you distract it from the front! En garde!" She stumbles forward a bit, but regains her footing and slashes out at the corpse that Vasha, Ranken, and Garwen are attacking. Her inexperience is clear as she slashes from far too behind the thing, missing by almost half a foot.

"Fleetfoot" Mac, Squire

"Yes, Lady Talia! Understood, Lady Talia!" He gives a stiff nod and makes his way up to the fray, holding his sword out awkwardly in front of him before going in for a jab. His squire training comes in handy as he remembers several techniques to be used in the art of wielding a sword...

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The young squire's sword plunges deep into the creature that used to be Keary, causing the partially decayed body to split fully open. The two halves flop to the floor and twitch a few times before lying still. A cloud of sticky pollen bursts out as it hits the ground, coating the hair and clothing of Yolo and Mac.

The other creature, surrounded, stands unsteadily. Parts of Alban's skin are peeling off; but the vines still whipp around, trying to catch one of you. Billy gets in a quick jab on the creatures leg, before Granny steadies her feet, grabs her pitchfork firmly, and with a look of grim determination thrusts it hard into Alban's chest. The creature explodes, sticky mucus splattering over all of you.

Billy rolls a 14 to hit and does 1 damage
Granny crits!

You alll stand for a moment over the twisted and broken corpses of the two boys. The ominous black ruin looms before you, nothing else standing between you and the open gate.
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