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Lance Reddick is this guy, I had to look it up. Seems like he was about to do a spinoff from John Wick.

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He'd already filmed his parts for the John Wick spin-off Ballerina, apparently, as well as his appearances as Zeus for the Disney+ Percy Jackson series.

Not sci-fi or fantasy, but he is arguably the best actor in The Wire, a show packed to the gills with amazing performances. If you haven't seen it, it's a must watch, although it's a thoughtful, contemplative show about the drug trade, poverty, policing in America, politics, public schools and the newspaper industry. Not a show to watch while you're scrolling social media, because eight hours later, you'll be asking "wait, who is that guy" as everything comes to a head.

Just found out. 😔

Lance Reddick - that solid straight posture, that voice.
He was an incredibly iconic character in everything he played. What a loss!

From the article in Forbes

All day yesterday and likely through this weekend, there have been hundreds of vigils held at Zavala’s station in the Tower by thousands upon thousands of players. Only 16 people can fit in a Tower instance at any given time, but often now, you will see most of them clustered around Zavala, emoting in various ways in an attempt to honor Lance Reddick, and the character he played.

The emotes I’ve seen that best represent the concept are simple salutes, standing guard with swords and shields, hoisting Titan flags or a Halloween-era emote that places candles on the ground. I’ve actually choked up seeing all of these flood in, and when I heard Zavala speak when I myself went back to him for the first time since hearing of Reddick’s passing.
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