In Secret Of The Slaver's Stockade The Pcs can rescue A Duke's Nephew, would The Duke let his daughter marry A Future King who is also A Thief?

Side note. Stop backseat DMing! As I understand it, you are a PC in this scenario (playing the Thief). Let the DM play the NPCs as he sees fit.

I know I would find it intensely annoying if I learned that one of my players was polling strangers online about how I should play my NPCs.

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Really the way to answer this is:

1. Which way sounds more fun? That’s your answer.
2. Now ask yourself what cool, unexpected twist would make that answer more probable.

Maybe the Duke is entangled with a bad guy (demon, crime lord, evil necromancer, etc.) and is acting under orders, or thinks this will cleverly trigger a cancellation clause in the infernal contract, or the thief can steal back the thing he is being blackmailed with.

Or whatever.
I've just though the guy could be A demon, A crime lord and A evil necromancer, how? simple he's A Deamon that's masquerading as A Crime Lord and his undead soldiers were created using his Deamonic Powers but he's done it in A way that people think its Necromancy


Politically, assuming the kingdom is more powerful than the duchy (not necessarily so), and he likes the kingdom and isn’t going to upset someone else by allying with the Future King, he’d presumably support this marriage.

But as a father, he may not like the match for his daughter. Maybe they have some other suitor in mind that they prefer, or some other reason to be against the marriage (she wants to be a celibate nun or cleric, she wants a career first, she’s a lesbian, or they just don’t like the adventurer).

Could be many reasons to possibly delay as well.

As many have said, the DM can roleplay the NPC Duke any way that makes sense to the DM.

About the younger kid who might have been a slave … Slavery doesn’t exist in most of Greyhawk, which is where the Slavers series is set. The primary lands the Slavers attack don’t have slavery. The nearest Duke is likely the Duke of Urnst.
I don't think I need to say that even if the nearest Duke is the Duke of Urnst that doesn't mean that he's the duke whose nephews being kidnapped


I'm assuming that as long as he's A Good King most of the lords will ignore the fact that he was once A Thief, their justification for giving him a chance will be them thinking something along the lines of "oh well we all made mistakes when we were young and foolish, and even though its very rare, and when it happens its covered up, even those that later in life were either the king or the queen made mistakes when they were young and foolish"
As I recall, that was one of the themes of “Henry V”: young Hal had some disreputable friends before he took the throne. Will he be a good king or a bad?

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