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Sale Inkwell Ideas 25% off Sale & New Creature Card Codex


For the past few years, Inkwell Ideas has held a "Columbus Day" sale because Columbus was an explorer and many of our products are map-related. Next year we may do something different, but now through Monday the 14th everything in our store is 25% off!

Use the code "explorers" as you checkout.

Now is the perfect time to complete a collection of our card decks (including our new Creature Card Codex--see below) or get the Worldographer Dungeon/Battlemat license and the City/Settlement license if you only have the World/Kingdom license.

Creature Card Codex: High Level Creatures Released
Our conversion of monsters from Kobold Press's monster books continues with the 4th deck of creatures from the Creature Card Codex! This deck covers most of the book's creatures with challenge rating nine and above (aside from animal, demon, and fey lords, as well as several others coming in a future deck). The deck includes a trove of demons, golems, vampires, and many more.

We're already working on a 4th deck of creatures from the Tome of Beasts, and then plan to do a deck of NPCs from the two books, and then a deck of Tarot sized cards for the remaining creatures with many traits and actions.


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