Inkwell Ideas Isometric World/Kingdom Mountains Patreon Map Icons Preview


Inkwell Ideas runs a Patreon (sort of an opt-in subscription) for new map icons each month. While we make them for Worldographer, most map/image editors that work with PNG images should accept them. Each month we make four map icon sets (an isometric world/kingdom set–seen below, a classic world/kingdom icon set, a battlemat set, and a settlement set of mostly top-down buildings) with a theme voted on by our supporters. This month’s theme is Mountains. Support us for as little as $3/month and get 100+ icons each month as well as support new features added to Worldographer.

With this set, artist/cartographer Keith Curtis has outdone himself again! We developed a list of a few new mountain terrain types: dome, half dome, passes, mountain valleys; as well as a couple of additional variations of mountain types without many variants yet: jungle mountains and mixed forest mountains. Then we added several icons for types of lairs; aeries; birdfolk cities, towns, & villages; watchtowers & beacons; and more!


We’ll have 3 more previews this month, then post a link to all supporters to get the new icons at no extra cost at DriveThruRPG.

If you’re not able to commit, we also make them available on DriveThruRPG.

We have also recently made several bundles for 2020’s icons (yes we’re late) where you can get all the icons that year or just the battlemat icons, just the settlement icons, just the classic world/kingdom icons, or just the isometric world/kingdom icons.

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Today we've got our final preview of the month: top-down settlement scale icons. We'll post links to the actual icon sets later tomorrow for our patrons (which are good for a month) plus a poll for next month's theme later today.

For this set, Keith Curtis continued the subsets of icons we made in most of the other icon sets: birdfolk buildings, aeries, & lairs. Plus because we had a reflecting pool & observatory at the world level, we felt it was a good idea to include those here. The set also includes the light & medium gray textures above and a few things not pictured such as a smaller rope bridge & snow cliff.

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