Intelligent Carpet of Flying (finally done???) - help requested


So I've finally to the point where I'm going to make the intelligent flying carpet idea for my game.

I'm very perplexed as to exactly what to do about its stats though.

It is based on an intelligent magic item, so it gets mental scores. It also picks up a few special abilities and able to communicate empathically. I'm giving it Int 9, Wis 15, Cha 18. (After all, Aladdin's carpet was quite the likeable little chap, right). I figured it would have +10 intuit direction and originally gave it evasion.

However, it's also a flying item, so I believe it should act like an animated object. That would mean physical ability scores as well (though not Con of course).

But then I thought a bit more about it. Since it is basically a "special mount", and self mobile, I thought it should instead have improved evasion with the stipulation that it applies only to itself (like a paladin's horse or a familiar). The carpet's abilities would not be imparted to the owner like a regular intelligent item (like a sword).

And do I then just go the full distance and apply the complete stats for an animated object from the MM? So it would then have HP, an AC, attacks, etc.?

See, there's the dilema. How far should I go down this path? Is it just a bare-bonez intelligent wondrous item? Is it a full fledged animated object? Is it somewhere in between?

Some discussion on this and suggestions are welcome.

I can post the entire write up, if need be, as it stands now.

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Magic Rub said:
Shouldn't this be in the House rules?


I'm looking to discuss the rules for how to apply intelligence to a flying carpet and how that effects it's stats and abilities.

Sounds like a rules discussion to me.


Yeah. I kinda want to go the whole way, too. But it brings up concerns of its own.

Since it is a 4'x6' rug, I'm picturing it as a Large Animated Object. (6' length being longer than a 5' square, so it has a 5'x10' grid "footprint" for facing. That and it easily seats two. Makes the most sense to me, anyway.)

So now I'm looking at an item with 22 hp, a slam attack and some special abilities. Since it's a rug, I'm figuring it will have blind and constrict from the animated object description in the MM.

Now, I'm worried that we are looking at a pretty weak "creature" around a bunch of high level heroes (around 15th level PCs). I don't expect it to last long with an AC of only 14 and a mere 22 hp. Worse, it is a rug, so it has no hardness rating (at least, rope has a 0 so I assume it does as well, logically).

Although... hmmm, I could decide that it was woven with some mithril strands imbedded in it to add strength. Since it's animated, that won't restict its fluidity, right? Mithril seems the logical choice, being light weight and all. And it's pretty durable.


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You could just say the rug has a magical bonus to hardness and hp. You don't need to justify it by having mithril strands. Each + of a weapon gives it an extra hardness and an extra hp. Assign some + value to the rug.

A rug isn't really all that durable in real life so you can easily say you have to take care of your rug or you can say its a fantastic magical rug that can cast mending on itself and is made out of fireproof fibers. I don't see the rug being especially vulnerable to electric or sonic damage.

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