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Howdy, y'all. I've been working on a new project lately that I really love. The idea is to kinda make a google maps, but for my campaign world. Obviously, it's not going to be able to zoom down into street view or anything, but it will allow you to explore the world on several different scales.

Okay, so eventually, it's going to start with a world map. On the world map, you can mouse over the different kingdoms and get the short and skinny about them. Click on a kingdom and you go to an enlarged map of just that kingdom with more indepth information.

The kingdom will have different regions. Again, mouse over those regions, you get a birds eye view on them. Click on them and you get an enlarged map of the region with indepth info, random encounter tables, and all the news fit to print.

From the regions, you can go into individual cities and other points of interest (read: dungeons, lairs, etc.) These, I think, will be the bread and butter of the project. Cities will let you go into buildings and get maps, quests, hooks, NPCs, and all kinds of stuff. The goal is to make a world wide sandbox full of world building info, modules, etc, etc, etc.

So we started with the Sylvan Kingdom, ancestral home of the elves. From there, you can zoom into the Isle of Caelen.

I'd love feedback with what you think, especially about the navigation. I've wrestled a lot with how I wanted that to work and I'd like it to be as intuitive as possible.

Map (9).jpg

The interactive version is here.


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James Crane

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This is one of my favorites so far. The city of Dane Caelen is the capital of the Sylvan Kingdom. You can zoom into a few of the buildings from this map at the moment. Ankhor's Dive and The Dreaming Veil are currently all fleshed out. I'm working on the Grand Mithraeum, their church, as well as the secrets and crypts beneath it.

You can see the interactive version here.

Map (8).jpg

James Crane

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I've been a busy beaver lately.
Map (5).jpg

This is Oakthorn, a village on the river famous for it's inns. I've changed the navigation system to something that seems more intuitive, so hopefully it'll be easier to get around. You can check out the Sweet Pine Inn already. It's in the upper left of this map. You can find the interactive map version here: https://crumblingkeep.com/samsarras...rea-map-the-isle-of-caelen/city-map-oakthorn/

I have an idea for a murder myster I want to set in this village eventually... I'll get there. :)


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James Crane

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Grand Mithraeum Level 1 No Grid Label.png
The Grand Mithraeum is the most ambitious inside map we've done so far. Granted, this is just the first floor. We'll be adding one floor a week until it's done.

The interactive version on our website describes each room and gives a bunch of lore. There are crypts beneath the temple that have some secrets that maybe would be better left unearthed...

The full version can be found here:

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