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I'd like to try running a WEG star wars game. I'm hoping for a classic feel to it, influenced by the original trilogy and the wealth of materials published for the game, but with the benefit of all the best materials of the modern take on the setting.

PREMISE: The game will take place at essentially the same time period as the new movies (thirty years later), but will be far enough removed from the action that the major players won't affect us until well into the game. We'll be set in a region of space that's mostly cut off from the rest of the Galaxy due to really difficult hyperspace turbulence. While the Alliance defeated the Empire in the battle of Endor, the systems here were too easily defended to invade, and the imperials within weren't strong enough at the time to gain a foothold beyond their borders.

The Imperials have a few plum worlds of their own, and while they haven't got the numbers to completely police all the other worlds, they do have enough firepower that the worlds they don't overtly stomp on are still paying them hefty tributes in goods and even slaves(!) to avoid being obliterated from orbit. Who knows what they could do if they managed to finish building a droid factory or grow a clone army: destroy all the local governments? Replace the living people with obedient droids? Or use the region as a secure base, and overwhelm the rest of the Galaxy with sheer numbers?*

The rebellion in the region is tiny, but they have managed to make a few hits against the imperials that have

CHARACTERS: You're a local of the region, from the city-planet of Enab-Ur, to the scavenger worlds of Durlikt, to the forest world of Mondor, to the Imperial-controlled planets, to the pirate-system of Bakar with its asteroid rings. Regardless, you're all motivated to join the great rebellion: maybe you hate the imperials personally, or maybe you're an outlaw who sees their fight as an opportunity for personal gain.

The point is, you and a collection of others have been contacted by a Twi-lek agent of the rebellion, a woman named Ti-re. You've shown promise, and she wants to meet you in person, introduce you to people you'll be able to work with, and give you a ship.

...however, as you get to the meeting place, a droid bears a holographic message from Ti-re that bodes ill: stormtroopers have found her! She's going to lead them away, but they may know who you all are, where you were supposed to meet, so you'd better get out of there! Luckily she's left your group some supplies, and hidden a ship nearby...

RULES: WEG d6 Star Wars.

Pick one of the templates I'm linking to, if you want some quick stats. The classic races are available as player heroes (human, wookie, twi'lek, near-humans, zabrak, etc.).

The Force: I'm okay with people who had some force training by a holocron or "mysterious stranger who disappeared after teaching you a few tricks" sort of thing, but no more than 1D on any of the skills, and you have to be interested in the Jedi (ie: the Quixotic Jedi, the Minor Jedi, etc. but not the "alien student of the force"; and no "emo/grey jedi" who are evil but not!). Keep the details vague and let's just get playing. If this gets off the ground, we'll see the movie and think of ways to incorporate force stuff into the game.
However, to counter the "all jedi vs no jedi" thing, I'll look for ways to make them feel awesome. Maybe they have great hair? Or, y'know, lots of Boba Fett gadgets or something, alien physiology, or what have you. For now we're all in the same boat, as 1D isn't a whole lot.

Edit: title of thread fixed, because it turns out "breaking dawn" is already in use by another franchise. I thought it was very "force awakens", and worked with "breakout", the module it's based on. Ah well.

*At the risk of breaking immersion, it would be like using Australia in Risk to take over the world. You can't get at them, but they keep pouring troops out at you. Make sense?
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I'm very Interested. Looking at templates now. I'm also new to the system. Here's a link to some of the rules and the basic d6 rules and a link to google drive with the d6 Space Rulebook if that's what I need to read up on mainly Fireinthedust? http://opend6.wikidot.com/

If not, what should I read?

I'd like to play a force sensitive. If we must use a template as a means of simplifying, I'd like to play a quixotic Jedi, but if we can custom build our own, I would like to learn how.

If it's template only, what do I need to add to the current quixotic sheet?

If I were to try and verbalise my understanding thus far based on what I've read, your templates each have 6 attributes, where you can split up to 18 dice into each (Max of 5D per attribute).

If you want to be force sensitive it's a little different though. You HAVE to spend your attribute dice, not skill dice, to gain access to one of the 3 force skills (Sense, control, alter). You have made a ruling that we are capped in creation at 1D for force skills.

How am I doing so far?
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I would like to voice my interest for your campaign but would also like to know the answers to sezarious' questions haha, I have played some 2nd ed D&D a long time ago so I think I get the basics on the character creation but would like some time to go over these rules properly

Dungeon Delver's Guide

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