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Pathfinder 1E [INTEREST/RECRUIT] - Crowns of Ice


My apologies folks. It was a hard summer for lots of reasons that I won't burden you with. But like Gandalf I have passed through Fire and Death, and am returned. Fenris the White lol. Despite work picking up everything else has settled down and posted will return to normal. My thanks to you for your patience and again my apology.

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Queen of Everything
I've started about a thousand replies here, but never finish them. It's not that I don't want t continue, I've just never felt vested in the story. To much prep and not enough playing, I think. I've lost perspective on Alec, I think. I'm not sure what he would do in any given situation.

Not sure what to do at this point.

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This has happened to me frequently with characters, sometimes I just don't connect.

I've found the way to fix this, is to post. You just have to do it, and make minor tweaks as you go until you are satisfied. I think the rest of us embody our characters so well because we really did a lot of posting.

You could post in the main thread, and in your personal thread as well. That would probably help. I know you want Alec to be a man of little words, but that holds you back in a PBP game. Alec can be of little words in most cases, if he has things to stay when it's important. We've definitely had moments that would ideal for him to speak, including right now smoozing with the Jarl.

That's just my $.02. If you really don't like Alec you could try another character. But I think he hasn't had a chance to fly yet, none of us have gotten to really use our powers so until then, we won't really know what we can do.

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Archon Basileus

First Post
Sorry for the five-day delay, guys. A relative got quite sick (she's 86) and she's staying with us. Couple of awaken nights, plus two events at work and our data bank going insane. I'll resume posting today.



Queen of Everything
So... hi! Hope everyone is well :)

Been super busy bringing a little Viking into the world over here. He’s a nut, luckily he’s a cute nut lol

Fenris and I are interested in playing if you still are AB (or anyone else). Can’t say we could post every day but can definitely post regularly and are excited to do so.

Let us know!


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
AB is currently swamped in student papers, it is that time of the year.
I'm all for continuing this.

Congrats on the little one!


Queen of Everything
AB is currently swamped in student papers, it is that time of the year.
I'm all for continuing this.

Congrats on the little one!

Ah, Summertime down in Brazil - I believe it’s been pretty hot! Meanwhile we have snow.

Thanks Neurotic. Fenris’ wish for a Viking baby is actually coming true, our little one isn’t so little!

I’m happy to hear you would like to continue the saga, it’s more fun with our crazy cast of characters. I hope the others will return as well.

Edit: haha The Wolf Ruby makes a stealth appearance as well! ;)


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Queen of Everything
This Viking has come to pillage your heart!


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