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(IR) 3rd IR, Turn 1 - 2 (thread 1)


I offer a hand to Sollir... sorry about getting heated up...

That was a great war up north, anyone agree?
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No problem, this is fun anyhow, one question though, aren't mostof your items are nulled out by your antimagic stone anyhow (except for your sword since its a lesser artifact?), also, check Phibrizzo's stats, I have 140+ ranged weapons at my disposal, thanks to the half-machine template :). Maybe we can try a huge GoD in the Fight Club sometime with all the IR chars ;)


My horse speed is unaffected... and I don't think weapons or armor would hurt me too much.

I was going to just stay completely out of range... I have that advantage with an Oathbow.

Anyway I am pretty sure you would have led, but it would have been undecided. Read rule 12, PC's don't die in turn 1.

Hey, for kicks, here is the YOU WIN speech.

Sanctus first feints a charge to attempt to bait Phibrizzo at him then takes a right angle evasion and sheathes his sword. Sanctus continues at this angle at the average horse speed of 50 ft. till his Oathbow is in hand and knocked. Sanctus turns to each side and can't see the fiend...

"Damnit... without my sword drawn I can't see him when he is invisible..."

Sanctus speeds up to his magically enhanced speed (on horseback) of 100. He draws his blade again and sees the rancoring creaturn rushing at him. Without a doubt Sanctus loses his breath when he narrowly dodges a shot fist.

"What in all of the 9 HELLS!!!"

The creature stops for a second to pause and reconsider his strategy. It is apparent that Sanctus had all intentions of pelting the Slaadi from a distance and maintaining that distance. The Slaadi's invisibility allowed him to get close... but as long as this horse was faster he wouldn't get another shot... Unless he hides better...

Sanctus was whipping around, confident that the creature had not moved from its position he fired a volley... all misses. Sanctus realized that he couldn't win the fight up close with this creature well beforehand. Sanctus didn't know about propeled claws either. He had no idea what to do... but he knew to stay away. Sanctus draws his sword up again and began to move away in an attempt to keep the creature visable, but out of range.

The Slaadi threw out a fireball to test the spell resistance and reflex of the Paladin. The fireball hit flawlessly... or almost flawlessly. The black Ioun stone repelled the fireball quite efficiently. The Slaadi realized it was either an anti-magic field or some kind of spell resistance.

Sanctus Punitor decided to enable his invisiblity and haste now. The Slaadi of course doubled up his own. The Slaadi however did not have an inate way to notice the invisible Knight. This posed little threat when of course the Slaadi cast his True seeing spell. Just slightly too late, the Knight scored a quick strike to the creatures arm, but only hit the steal plating around it. Fleeing as quickly as possible the Knight tried to dodge the sudden fly of another fist. The fist was about to colide, and Sanctus lept from his horse.

The Slaadi now had his chance, and began to rush towards the opposition with claws ready to bear down. The Knight set up a defensive stance while his horse doubled around.

"Damnit... wait one second..."

Sanctus prepared to swing his blade hoping for divine intervention. Sanctus thought knew this creature could take him at this range. Then Sanctus realized that divine gods had been manipulating his whole life. He raised his blade for only a second and then threw a wave of tiny balls of light at the Slaadi. Each Ball a Lantern Archon. The Slaadi couldn't be harmed by suchj pathetic creatures, and the creatures actually hugged on to his celestial nature.

The Slaadi looked up, and the Knight was riding away on his horse, trying to gain the gap again. Tiny pathetic balls of light were attaching themselves to him like children. This reminded him of his other half. The fiery insects were then squished, quickly and violently. Sanctus began riding at the Slaadi, Bow knocked.

Both armies gasped. Hundreds of thousands of brave men and beasts turned away. Five Arrows in the head of one Half-Celestial, Half-Robot, Chaotic Evil, Death Slaadi. One Elven Hero with one severed arm, one shattered leg, and one ripped out eye. Sanctus Punitor began to cry out in pain, realing from the death he felt in his limbs. The Slaadi was much healthier... looking. In fact the arrows had been enchanted with a brain parasite secretion that was commonly used to paralyze Celsestials. Sanctus had been afflicted as well... the slaadi had his own poison covering his claws, a natural poison that was used to kill his opposition instantly. Sanctus was crying. Sanctus was remembering the cultist woman who bore his child. The Mosfungus that had killed his father and was supposed to kill him as well. His immunity to poisons went far and wide, but this poison could only be encountered from this Slaadi. Sanctus realed over and fell to the ground. The battlefield was now facing the two wounded... or dead leaders. The Slaadi stood up and started laughing, vigorously. Nobody was looking that way though.

Interfectio-onis Ferrum, a Paradox forged blade, began to glow. The Blade of an evil tyrant, reborn as its new and pure self. The blade began to speak to the Slaadi and Sanctus Alike. The blade stood up of its own accord, floating in the middle of a battlefield by a dismounted horse, and a nearly dead knight. The Blade laughed aloud for but a sylible and then screamed, in some long forgotten language, an incantation.

Three Celestial Solars awoke. The Celestial Mens Mentis, The Guardian of Paradox, and The Guardian of Rangers all appeared. Mens Mentis appealed to the spirit of Sanctus Punitor to stay here, where it was most needed. The Guardian of Paradox used powerful healing magic to restore Sanctus Punitor's body. The Guardian of the Rangers watched the Slaadi and its hoardes movements, prepared to unleash all Heaven if they moved.

Sanctus stood up again, mounted his horse and stated, "Again?"

William Ronald

A very interesting first turn. I am sorry I came into it late, but family always comes before fun.

Let us try to give Edena a 24 hour break as requested. A lot of people missed the first turn. So, they will be shocked.

Either way I feel like a winner to be playing with very good roleplayers here, unfortunately I don't have the skill to type something like that as if I'm pulling it outof my hat, this battle should prove interesting though.

Edit-What is an oathbow anyways? Isn't that from Relics and Rituals?
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Pre-typing... its all I have done... every move I have done was plotted the day before, except the last stuff with just me and you... notice how much less-constructed it is.

I just remembered....

I hate mountains

especially ones that fall out of the sky...


First Post
Wow, this is alot of fun. Sucks that I have a Latin midterm on Friday. Can't have this much fun on turn 2. :(
Sucks even more that some people weren't even involved in the first round.

I want to see the results of this duel as soon as the next turn starts.


+3 bow with a 300 range that speaks elvish... and I have to take an oath to use it, and an oath to protect the elves was my choice.

So max range of 3000... which is pretty good, then if we were actually playing I would have to carry about 2000 arrows because I would need a natural 20 to hit.

Funny, Creamsteak I took that test that you had on your link, and I got the same thing you got, and if I wasn't a scorched earth tank it said I would be an asteroid :)

Isn't it funny too that the person I duel against lives in my own state, weird eh?

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