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(IR) 3rd IR, Turn 1 - 2 (thread 1)

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Oh boy... I think everyone was hurt somewhere... and check the 1st page, I got the mountain looking right and I think that sums up the biggest move of this turn.

I nominate whoever is the mountain lobber as "the winner" of this turn.


I joined in the last two hours... so whatever was going on before that I am clueless too...

and somebody sure is persistent about my grandwoods...

Most argumentative: Me and Sollir (There were two other guys who were a million times worse... who?

Most Lucky: Gotta say me... I held on to some places that may have fallen otherwise

Most Cocky: Whoever got away with dropping a mountain on me

Most Lost: I think Iuz got pretty ganged up on... but I don't know about how much he lost

Most Scaredy: Vecna, who fled from a duel and will continue to do so forever. I do respect it because it was the smart decision, but it was cowardly.

Least Active: The Hellfurnaces?

Best Trick: Mountain

Best Trap: Grandwoods

Most Likely to Save people's buts in turn 2: Everyone that didn't contribute

Hardest work ahead of him: Edena

Best Roleplaying: Me, only because I didnt read anybody else's posts:p

These are my votes.:p
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First Post
A spelljamming mountain crashed onto Flinty Hills. Everyone
present (which was alot of people) lost 1/3 to 1/2 of their forces. Not to mention Flinty Hills are no more; they are now Flinty Gigantic-Burning-Hole-In-The-Ground.


I think I officially fear flying mountains now...

Too bad it wasn't like that new zelda 64 game when the giants stop the moon from falling... I had some giants afterall.


If you ignore all the wars you were involved in, what war was most interesting to you?

I definitely liked the sinking of Kas Fleet. The betrayal was none of my doing and it was awesome to watch [read].

Good Night Sweet IR, Hope to Kill you in the Morning.
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