(IR) IR Interlude between Turns 3 and 4 (thread 2)


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IR Interlude between Turns 3 and 4 (thread 2)

Hey there, folks.

I consider the Interludes to be a part of the main IR now, and will archive them as such.

I see a great deal of IR rping is going on in these Interludes.

I must wonder - just how many people are on Forrester's side, and how many people are paying tribute to Forrester, and how many people, aren't? (your Moderator is curious)
I already know Sollir is paying tribute to John Brown ...

By all means, roleplay away!
I shall watch and listen.
I'm sure interesting things will develop.

Alzem, please come on in to the rping aspect of this.
This is completely freeform. No rules in the Interlude to hamper you.
Hope Isle can send emissaries to Oerth, and talk with all of the Powers therein.
I cannot guarantee the emissaries will return alive to Hope Isle, of course.

- - -

Again, I need Templates from:

Black Omega
Festy Dog
Lord Melkor (Talos)
Rhialto the Marvellous
Sollir Furryfoot

Alzem, o' Skoteinos, (and everyone else needing further clarification) I will explain what a Template is, here and now.

- - -

A Template is your way of telling me how you are distributing your Power Level (PL)

You are telling me which Arms Races you are in.
You are telling me if you are sharing technology, and who with.
You are telling me if you are Advancing your Civilization.
You are telling me if you are researching 10th level magic.
You are telling me where your armies are, and how strong they are.
You are telling me which of the PL in your armies are not regular troops, but are instead Planars, Undead, Monsters, or Constructs.

Your Total PL is given in the Lists.

Here is what you do:


Calculate your total PL.
Total PL is just that ... everything.
All your PL from countries plus all your PL from the Arms Races.
Your total PL is what you use to spend. Always.
No other number matters. Only your total PL.


Decide if you intend to share technology with anyone.
Figure out who you will share with at this time.


Figure out how many points you intend to spend, if any, to Advance Your Civilization.


Figure out how many points you intend to spend, if any, to research 10th level magic.


Deduct those points from your PL total.


With the remainder, allocate PL to create armies.
Each army has exactly the amount of PL you allocate to it.
You may create as many armies as you wish, so long as each one has a PL of 1 or greater.
You may create armies anywhere in the territory you control.
If you control no territory, you create armies under special circumstances - in your case, Alzem, you would create them on Hope Isle, and they would subsequently move to Oerth.


Look at your numbers in the Planar, Undead, Monster, and Construct Arms Races.
Change that much of the PL of the armies you have created into the beings in question, as you choose.
And remember that Planars, Undead, Monsters, and Constructs fight better than regular troops, so changing 1 PL of regular troops into 1 PL of these types increases the strength of that army.

- - -

Then, write the Template out as follows:

I am in (not in) the Planar Arms Race.
I am summoning (3 different kinds of planar beings.)

I am in (not in) the Technological Arms Race.
I am sharing technology with (names of the other players or their Powers)

I am in (not in) the Magical Arms Race.
I am spending (x number of points) in it (or, I am spending no points in it.)

I am in (not in) the Undead Arms Race.
I am summoning (good or evil) Undead.

I am in (not in) the Monster Arms Race.

I am in (not in) the Construct Arms Race.

My forces are deployed as follows:

Force #1 has a PL of (number), and it is in (name of country, or general area)

Force #2 has a PL of (number), and it is in (name of country, or general area)

Force #3 has a PL of (number), and it is in (name of country, or general area)

Force #4 has a PL of (number), and it is in (name of country, or general area)

Force #5 has a PL of (number), and it is in (name of country, or general area)


I have a value of (x) in the Planar Arms Race.

(x) of my PL in force #1 are Planars.
(x) of my PL in force #2 are Planars.
(x) of my PL in force #3 are Planars.

I have a value of (x) in the Undead Arms Race.

(x) of my PL in force (number) are Undead.
(x) of my PL in force (number) are Undead.

I have a value of (x) in the Monster Arms Race.

(x) of my PL in force (number) are Monsters.
(x) of my PL in force (number) are Monsters.

I have a value of (x) in the Construct Arms Race.

(x) of my PL in force (number) are Constructs.
(x) of my PL in force (number) are Constructs.

You may not have more PL in Planars in your armies than you have PL in the Planar Arms Race.
The same applies to the Undead, Monster, and Construct Arms Races.

The exception to this rule is Valkys, most of whose force is Planar Unseelie (and he may designate the percentage as it pleases him.)
The other exception is Maudlin, much of whose force is Undead (and he may designate the percentage as it pleases him.)

I will once more provide an example of a Template.
Here is that example:

Let us say I am the player Maudlin.
Looking at the Lists Post, here is what I find:

MAUDLIN (Planar Evil Demons/Xeg-Yi, Evil Undead, Vast Swamp, Sunndi, Acererak, People of Hempmonaland, Minions of Acererak, Scarlet Brotherhood) PL 155 + 31 = 186

1. My total PL is 186
2. I will share technology with Mr Draco / Serpenteye, Kalanyr, Forsaken One, Festy Dog, Melkor, Sollir, and Anabstercorian. And also Valkys.
3. I will spend 90 points to advance my civilization
4. I will spend 20 points on researching 10th level magic.

5. I have 76 PL left, since I have spent 110 PL out of 186 total PL.

6. I will create armies (see below)
7. I will make most of my armies undead.

Here then, is the Template I will be sending to Edena_of_Neith

I am in the Planar Arms Race.
I continue summoning Demons and Xeg-Yi.
Since I have a third Planar group I am allowed to call, and I have not used it, I am also summoning Planar Dracoliches.

I am in the Technological Arms Race.
I am sharing Technology with Anabstercorian, Festy Dog, Forsaken One, Kalanyr, Melkor, Mr Draco / Serpenteye, Sollir, and Valkys.
Also, I have decided to share technology with Rhialto.

I am in the Magical Arms Race.
I am spending 10 points this turn on research.

I am in the Undead Arms Race.
I continue to summon evil undead.

I am in the Monster Arms Race.
I am creating undead trolls, which regenerate as per normal trolls, but are otherwise undead.
(And Edena_of_Neith increases your PL gained in the Monster Arms Race from 1 to 3 for that stunt, too.)

I am in the Construct Arms Race.
I like GnomeWork's flying iron golems. We are producing iron golems, and working on duplicating those great little monsters of GnomeWork's.

Force #1: 30 PL, in the Tomb of Horrors
Force #2: 30 PL, in Irongate
Force #3: 16 PL, in the Scarlet Brotherhood fleet sitting offshore in the Tilva Straits.

Nearly all of my forces are Undead.

( My PL in the Planar Arms Race is 6.
My PL in the Undead Arms Race is 3.
My PL in the Monster Arms Race is 2.
My PL in the Construct Arms Race is 2. )

(You don't have to write the above down. I have done so for convenience.)

3 of the PL of my force #2 is Planar.
3 of the PL of my force #3 is Planar
3 of the PL of my force #1 is Undead (Note that this is a moot point, since Maudlin has specified that all his forces are undead anyways, unless otherwise noted)
2 PL of my force #3 is Monsters
2 PL of my force #2 is Constructs

Now, Maudlin gains a special bonus.
Because he can make all of his forces undead, he gains 3 PL of additional undead, as per his score in the Undead Arms Race.
Valkys would gain a similar bonus to his Planars.
This wouldn't apply to any other player.

The additional 3 PL of undead go to my force #1.

Maudlin, is finished with his Template.
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Remember that the updated Lists Post and Rules Post can be found in the (IR) The List and Rules Posts For Turn 4 - Do Not Post To This Thread Yet thread.
That is the thread I will be using, obviously, to start Turn 4.
When everything is ready.
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In a secluded holding cell, a guard is delivering lunch to a very odd prisoner. This would be unusual, but at the moment, he is but one of several such prisoners. As the guard hands him his lunch, the man glances at him with oddly mild violet eyes.

"So, are they going to listen to what we have to say?" he asks.

"Ain't heard yet..." replies the guard.

"Oh, well," he sighs. "I suppose ignorance is bliss, and so forth..." After a moment he looks up. "Still after going to all that trouble, I'd think they'd want to hear what we have to say... but what do I know... I'm just a prisoner..."

Heading away, the guard thinks to himself what a strange lot these Black Brotherhood fellows are...


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Oh ho!

The prisoner waits for something to happen, for someone to come and LISTEN to what he has to say. Soon, someone does. The sound of padded footsteps walking on stone strikes his ear, and it's not the guard. A talented spy (as all Black Brotherhood are) can recognize these things.

Someone is looking in through the window at him. It's a human, with long, dark hair that pours over his shoulders like oil. He stares.

"What do you want?"

"I want to listen to what you have to say. I am from the Solistarim. Speak, Suel trash."


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The Bloody Waste

Edena - correct me if I'm wrong please. Anyone who enters the land near or around the Bloody Waste is subject to it's unusual magical effects. These effects alternate, randomly invigorating people and killing or seriously harming them. However, the effects most often end up on the lethal side of the scale, right? For those lucky few that don't die/get maimed, what is the benefit?


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The prisoner sighs.

"You know, I was hoping for something more official... still, it's kind of fun being on the recieving end of a Flann supremicist for once..."

He glances up. "So what do you want to know...?"

A cloaked figure begins wandering the remains of Flinty Hills, seeming to feast upon the remaining corpses not turned into skeletons, when spotted or approached, he seems to merely vanish in a blink of an eye, found wandering elsewhere...hungry...


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Continuing the conversation with Rhialto

"What is the Matrix?"

No, just kidding. That's out of character. Here's what I REALLY say.

"Whatever you have to say. My sources say you've been working very hard to get someone to listen to you, to reveal SOMETHING. But WHAT IS IT YOU WISH TO REVEAL?" He speaks more calmly now. "We can make it worth your while, if your information is useful."


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The prisoner laughs. "Are you trying to...bribe me?"

At that he bursts into furious laughter for several minutes, and then continues. "You must understand, that is a hopeless task. Bribery is based on desires. My desires are few, and directed to the service towards my Lord, who offers me a reward far greater than any you could..." He smiles softly here, than continues. "As such, I cannot be bribed or subverted. But still, I have something to say to you, and as you are a man of mystery, I shall couch my reply in riddling speech..."

He thinks for a moment. "On a wall, there lies a curtain. But it is not a curtain--it is the painting of a curtain. You see the curtain and the wall, and assume that wall exists for the curtain and what is behind it, when in reality there is nothing behind the curtain, for it is false, and exists to support the wall in its true purpose. But you do not know this, and expend your energies to decipher what lies behind the curtain. And nothing does, and you do not ask what lies behind the wall..."


Edena, Please Read

I have just found that a new person is running the Pomarj. Sorry, but I haven't been keeping track of what's going on exactly, RL is a little harsh right now (but not as bad as it was).


You said before that any Pomarj troops in the Lortmils could be kicked out by me, right? We're going to do that. A little early, I know, but at least tell me I can still do that.



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Yes, Uvenelei.
The effects of the fumes of the Bloody Waste (which some are now calling the Blood Waste) are generally malevolent.
Travel through the Bloody Waste is not possible, not even with 10th level magic.
Aerial travel over the Bloody Waste is not possible, unless the traveller goes clear up into the stratosphere, and even there there are slight effects from the fumes.
Spelljamming travel over the area is still normal.
Teleportation magic seems to be going around the area, as if whatever is going on in the Bloody Waste is diverting all magic around it.

Something is going on.
There is a major build-up of magic in the Bloody Waste.
Very great magic; very great power.
Whatever it is, it isn't a friendly magic, either.
It was produced by blood, magma, and Shade, and it isn't good.

- - -

Not yet, GnomeWorks.
Your PL of 24 in the Technological Arms Race is after all modifiers and additions from Turn 3, and is your starting PL for Turn 4.
You are 3 PL away from having nuclear weapons.
You will have them at the start of Turn 5.
So will Forrester.

GnomeWorks, yes indeed.
You are easily able to expel all the humanoids of the Pomarj out of your country.
Since that is what you have stated you wish to do, that is what happens.
Out they go.
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Vecna, who is still under my control, issues a statement:

- - -

I must demand the following:

All forces from the United Commonwealth of Toril and it's newest ally, Hope Isle, are to return to their home world.
They shall first take oaths to their Gods to never again set foot on this planet, or attempt to wrest control of our world from the native peoples of this world.

They shall abandon all weapons they have brought to our world, and leave them as reparations for the harm they have caused.
These weapons, shall not be tampered with magically or physically, psionically or mentally. Any tampering shall be considered a gross violation of the repayment of debt.

The United Commonwealth owes reparations for our losses equal to one slave for every one of our people who was killed by their forces and the Oerthian traitors who follow them.
That is, the United Commonwealth shall deliver unto us fifty million slaves.

These slaves shall be of the following:

One third of them shall be high elves of the finest stock, and half of them must be women.
One third of them shall be humans, from Toril, of the finest stock, and half of them must be women also.
One third of them shall be mountain dwarves.
All of them must be young, in the prime of life, and healthy, with no diseases.
All of the women must be beautiful by all classic standards of the term.
Any magical diseases, curses, contingencies, or other magics placed on these slaves I would consider to be a gross violation of the debt.

I also feel a war debt is due us.
I feel that reparations of fifty billion gold pieces is reasonable, considering our fifty million deaths at their hands.
That fifty billion must come from Toril's coffers, because it was with Toril's aid that our forces were overcome.
Without their aid, we would have established rightful law and order on this world, but we were interfered with.

If these demands are not met, the City of the Gods shall be awakened.
I will personally see to it that their wrath is led to the Torilian army and all of those who dare to aid them.
Do not doubt that I can do this thing.
Do not doubt that I shall escape the wrath of the City of the Gods, but the Torilians and the traitors will not escape.
If you seek shelter in a pocket dimension, I shall open it with my magic and let the City of the Gods in.

I appreciate that these demands will require a brief time to implement, and a brief time will be allowed.
A brief time, but undue delays will be considered a breach of the debt.

All payment shall be delivered to the God Emperor of the Union of Oerth at Jalpa, or to Acererak in Sunndi, or wherever they state is most convenient for them.

I will allow the United Commonwealth time for a verbal reply to this demand.
If I do not find their reply satisfactory, the price I am demanding will increase greatly.

I consider my requests for grievances all too little for the harm caused to us, and I am being extremely generous in my terms to the United Commonwealth.
Indeed, this is a mere slap on the wrist, and the United Commonwealth should consider itself lucky that I do not demand ten times as much, but I have other problems to face, and the sooner I see the Torilians gone the happier I will be.
Do not confuse my gentle and reasonable demands with weakness or mercy.
I am Vecna.

(Vecna then smiles evilly)

Of course, if my terms are refused, reparation shall be in blood, and it will be thousands of times more painful and costly than the minor demands I have set forth.
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From the Office Desk of Sanctus Punitor,

Vecna... you ask for my people like a commodity... so that is what your life is now. You are going to become a petty pawn of the shade, and you don't even know it yet. You are in a toy that can be traded as of right now. If I get ahold of your case I am going to the middle of the Bloody Wastes and I, along with some of the best men on oerth, are going to wait for you to wake up and see what your magic has wrecked. Then I will destroy you utterly and end the curse that is Vecna... And as of right now... there is nothing you can do about it... pawn.


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Note from the Moderator:

The Shade, and Melkor (the God, not the Player), have no control over Vecna.
The Shade do have Vecna's phylactery, though.

And finally ... if you don't hate Vecna more, by the end of this IR, than you hate paying taxes, then I haven't done my job as Moderator.

Vecna, you see, really DOES believe he has Carte Blanche. (for those of you who remember my humorous article on the matter, you know what I'm talking about!) :)
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You are going to become a petty pawn of the shade, and you don't even know it yet.

Don't forget, you don't even know it yet... the only thing that is going to prevent you from dying at my hand is if you decide not to come back to life. You just don't know it yet...

The Shade, and Melkor (the God, not the Player), have no control over Vecna.

I must say that if I get my hands on that Vecna-In-A-Box I am going to have COMPLETE control over his very very short future... Hey maybe someone would even trade me the box and we could save some time... Your going to die Vecna... You just don't know it yet.

Notice: These messages are directed TO VECNA... as IC comments. Not to the Moderator as things you need to adjudicate. I am just trying to get a half-re-dead lich angry at his soon to be executioner...
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Open-air dining

Anabstercorian . . . looks like we might want to meet in a little out-of-the-way place soon . . . dining with you was such a delight, I find myself needing to do it again that much sooner.

Business to discuss.



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(the following cold-blooded, horrific message is meant strictly IC.)

Vecna overhears his name being spoken.
He scries until he locates the speaker, one Sanctus.
Vecna telepathically replies to Sanctus, In Character:

You are a Child.
I am an Adult.

As an Adult, I may demand any price out of Children, behave any way I wish towards Children, and punish or harm Children if that is my desire.
The Children, conversely, must behave as they are told, fulfill any price required of them, and scream in pain and/or die if they are punished.

As an Adult, I reap all the rewards of the labor of Children, and they suffer all the pain.
As an Adult, I have all the power and authority, and the Children have no appeal and no defense.
As an Adult, I am the ruler, and the Children are the slaves.

You are the Child, and I am the Adult.
Acererak is an Adult, and those with him are his Children.
The God Emperor is an adult, and his Servitor Races are his Children.

Do not presume upon the prorogative and privilege of Adulthood, Child.

The hickory switch awaits such impudent thoughts.

Now, off to bed with you, Child.
Say your prayers and draw the covers close.
Light the candles to keep out the monsters.
And dream the innocent dreams of Children.

For waking will come soon enough for you, and you will find the Adults awaiting.
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