(IR) IR Interlude between Turns 3 and 4 (thread 2)

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To Forrester and Maudlin, who just received the Bad News, and to everyone else who soon will, I have a new treat for you.
My treats, you do not want, but here it is, whether you want it or not.

Rhialto states:

By the way, no reason to steal from the Shade--we've just become allies.
Also, we're dumping the Blood around like there's no tomorrow--spoiling enemy crop lands, evaporating
slums... you get the idea.

- - -

So, with the Shade and the Black Brotherhood working together, the Red Goo is being spread rapidly, dumped into major lakes, dumped into rivers, dumped over prime cropland, dumped into cities, dumped everywhere.
And everywhere it is dumped, it produces more of itself, and more, creating new ponds and even lakes of Red Goo as the ground dissolves.
The fumes from all these pools rises into the heavens, and fills the air with it's pungent smell.
All over Oerth, people become elated, or sick, or manifest strange behavior.

The fumes continue to build, and a reddish halo appears around the sun over many parts of the Flanaess.

Where the sunlight comes through that reddish haze, crops become blighted, fungus and mold growing on them.
A great part of the summer crop of the Flanaess was just ruined irrevocably.
Where the sunlight touches the trees, the leaves become spotted, some of them turning yellow, some wilting and drooping.
A distant smell of rot comes along the breeze.
Lakes cloud, the water tasting awful, making those who drink it feel lousy.

The reddish light tinges the clouds with scarlet, turns the sky purplish, throws a fatal vermillion upon the cities of the Flanaess.

Where people stand exposed to the reddish light, they feel it keenly.
It is unpleasant.
Long exposures cause rashes, sores, and very long exposures cause boils and bleeding.

This ill effect in the atmosphere is spreading far and wide, as the Shade and the Black Brotherhood spread the goo without control.

10th level magic will stop the reddish haze from spreading into new lands, where there are no pools or lakes of goo.
10th level magic can be used, slowly and painfully, to erase the pools of goo and lessen the sickness.
But the Shade and Black Brotherhood are spreading the illness far faster than any 10th level magic can halt it.

Meanwhile, the Shade Poisoning of Oerth continues to deepen.
The Nyr Dyv and Wolly Bay are now completely dead.
Travel over them by ship is impossible, because the water has turned into a yucky grey mud-like substance.
The illness deepens in the lands around the Nyr Dyv and Wolly Bay, spreading to all of the Pomarj, spreading through all of the County of Urnst, spreading northward through the Shieldlands and clear up to Riftcrag in the north.
It spreads westward into southeastern Furyondy and as far west as the Kron Hills.
Everywhere, trees wilt and their leaves turn grey.
The fields rot, crops failed, a greyish sheen covering crops and meadows.
Birds fall out of the sky, animals wander out to die in the grey meadows.
Rivers turn dark, their sound muted, and drinking from them becomes deadly.

- - -

Vecna, seeing this, smiles.
He will watch the world die, and then resurrect it in his own image.
But first, he will destroy the only hope that Oerth has of survival.
He will destroy the only people with any hope of gaining 11th level magic in time to stop the spread of the illness, and reverse it.
He will unleash the City of the Gods on the Torilians, and watch them be destroyed.

Vecna (who hopefully sets a new definition of the word EVIL) smiles, and speaks:

Revenge IS a dish best served cold.
Revenge, is mine.


First Post
Unless it is a Template, or a modification of a Template, do not e-mail me.
If it is REALLY IMPORTANT, e-mail me about something else, but please make sure it is important.

Turn 4 is imminent, and I must be free to set up the War Room as per your instructions.

Forrester, I URGE you to immediately post, on this board, what is happening in the substrata of rock of the Flanaess, and the analogy I drew to RL.
Tell them everything.
Let everyone know, here on the boards, what is happening.

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Re: An answer to the Wanderer

Acererak responds.

Spoof said:
Ah, so this was the candle that set fire to the barn among you was it. Well had any of you ever even considered that what happened upon Toril was while tragic in some cases were also wonderful in others? No, you all just believed what was shown you like sheep, without the ability to think or reason for yourselves.

Ah, thus speaketh the victor. I'm sure the millions of slaughtered elves draw immense comfort from your improved quality of life, wingboy.

I was quite content at accepting the Wanderer's message for what it was, up until the point where it started coming true on our world as well.

What are you doing here? Have you come to pacify us, manu militari? Whip the underlings until morale improves? What we have seen of your enlightened path has not impressed us. It is feeble doctrine and blind despotism. Leave.

But before any of you decide that this one act makes Forrester Evil, do you know why it was done? The Elves in the belief that they were superior to all the other races decided that they and they alone would dictate to the other races what they could do. But when the other races would not listed to them then they unleashed Magic such as you have never seen before, which destroyed millions of people across the world, from the old to the unborn child.

Ha! I couldn't have phrased it better myself. He sends images of Forrester :

"And yes, I decide who lives, and who dies. "

"MY FORCES soiled and despoiled Evereska so that no thing could grow there for decades. MY FORCES sunk EVERMEET, great island of the elves, into the sea.

My forces took on the combined might of High Elven Magic and the Illithid, and won. And you are correct – we showed no mercy. We killed all – men, women, children. Their blood dripped from our lips as we shouted to the heavens news of our victories. When another Great War came again, years later, we did the same – oh, our dietary habits changed, but there was the same carnage. Millions died. But we won again. There was never any doubt. "

"And talk no more of our relative good and evil.
Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the gun. "

You were decribing the reasons for why their wholesale slaughter was justified, yes? I think I will watch with interest as you now ally yourself with our oppressors. I will watch with interest for all the benefactory and unselfish uses of Forrester's magic now that the shoe is on the other foot.
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Oh yes, Melkor just e-mailed me.
Here is what he said:

We inform Vecna that if he doesn`t cooperate with us, his phylactery will be destroyed.

((It's too late. Vecna will awaken the City of the Gods before you can destroy the phylactery, and after that he doesn't care.))

Also Shade agents have fully joined with Black Brotherhood, to awake Tharidizun and bring doom to Oerth. We also help them to strenghten The Blood Waste. We also prepare escape routes to Deep Shadow Plane, and slowly start to evacuate our infrastructure there.

- - -

For you information, folks, the Shade are summoning huge numbers of demons.
They are attempting to bring Jubilex, Demogorgon, and the other Princes of the Demons to Oerth.

And these might just come, too.
They like the Flesh Eating Disease that is attacking Oerth.
The like the Sun-Withering that is afflicting Oerth.
They like the Shade Poisoning.
They like the Red Goo, with which they can create fearsome monsters and armor that makes them invincible.
They like Vecna and his attitude.
They want to see the slaughter Vecna is about to initiate, via the City of the Gods.

The Cult of Tharizdun is arising in it's might.
Summoning all the minions of Ghaunadaur, the minions of the other Elder Elemental Gods of Evil, summoning more demons.
Tharizdun is using his great power to bring them.
Tharizdun is using his great power to enhance the Shade Poisoning, the Blood Goo, the Sun-Withering, and everything else evil that is happening.

Oh yes, I forgot. You are just discovering that Acererak is trying to achieve something called Apotheosis.
If he succeeds, he will gain control of ALL the undead - good or evil - in the World of Oerth, and he will become more powerful in PL terms than Vecna is currently.
And he is well on his way to succeeding.

Did someone think that the Good Side was winning this IR?
Somebody, had better rethink their thinking, in a real hurry.
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Red Goo of Doom

This is what I have learned from my experiments with the substance . . .

I think we are in trouble.

Since you are asking so many questions, you discover a minor little fact,
Just a minor little fact.
Do you know what Flesh-Eating Disease is? IRL? It starts with an infection,
then it spreads underneath the skin.
The skin itself is not affected, but underneath the skin, the subcutaneous
layer of flesh between skin and muscle becomes infected, then dies and rots, at
an astounding pace.
The effects are most pronounced, often, in the hands and feet. Once the
subcutaneous layer of flesh is destroyed, the skin dies, and flakes off.
The underlying muscle and bone then dies. It leaves people with hands and
feet that are blackened and dead (look mom, no skin!)

Well, guess what? The battle caused a deep wound in Oerth.
The goo, is the infection from that wound.
And it is spreading, underneath the surface of the Flanaess, through the rock
strata that underlies the topsoil and surface rock.
It is spreading at a good clip - on the order of 100 miles per Turn.
It is spreading far faster than that in some cases, and new infections of the
rock strata are occurring in isolated places all over the Flanaess.
What do you think is going to happen next?

You can stop this infection with 11th level magic. 11th level magic will
cure it.
However, you must obtain 11th level magic to cure it, and you don't have that
magic right now.

Vecna knows. Vecna knows exactly what is happening.
Vecna intends to destroy you, regardless of that. And if the world rots, so
be it.
He will rebuild Oerth in his own image.
He is glad, in fact, to destroy you and end any hope Oerth had of obtaining
11th level magic, and saving itself.
Vecna is REALLY, REALLY EVIL, and it shows.


First Post
Oh, good.
Melkor has to take a vacation, and he is leaving Yours Truly in charge of the Shade.

(evil grin)

I will take charge of the Shade.
And I do believe everyone knows what I will do with them.


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Re: Re: An answer to the Wanderer

Maudlin said:
Acererak responds.

You were decribing the reasons for why their wholesale slaughter was justified, yes? I think I will watch with interest as you now ally yourself with our oppressors. I will watch with interest for all the benefactory and unselfish uses of Forrester's magic now that the shoe is on the other foot. [/B]

Let's see. So far, I've "oppressed" the people of Oerth by:

1) Helping destroy Vecna's armies, who were attacking without provocation

2) Saving Bissel from an attack by robots

3) Saving some of those in Irongate by making Acererak back down from eating all of them.

Yeah, I'm a real bastard :D.

We're going to need 11th level magic to heal Oerth, people. The fastest way is to help me get 11th level magic, as I've got the biggest headstart. But it's not a huge one, given how expensive 11th level magic is to get -- the other solution . . . well, you know what that is. It's got the letters 'O', 'A', 'U', and 'C' in it.



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EDENA -- I guess this isn't much of an Interlude if people can just start dumping Red Goo into lakes and rivers all over the place.

I think it is safe to say that MY forces, KALANYR's forces, and the ANGEL's forces will blow up any and all people who try to do such things.

I and Kalanyr have 10th level magic . . . we can scry for those who are carrying goo around near waterways. They'll be introduced to some wide varieties of pain.

I'll also use 10th level magic (and I'm guessing that Kalanyr will as well, though he can say otherwise) to stop the spread of the Goo as much as possible.


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Re: Re: Re: An answer to the Wanderer

Forrester said:
Yeah, I'm a real bastard :D.
I never let facts get in the way of a good monologue :)

Meanwhile, faced with poisonous crops and a hostile sun, a great transformation is set in motion on the Tilvanot peninsula and the jungles of Hepmonaland. All subjects are queuing up to undergo The Becoming. A ritual, administered by the necromancers of the Black Academy to leave behind their mortal frailties and hindrances (such as food :)), and be reborn into a higher state of life, that of Unlife.

Henceforth, the united people will be known as the Children of the Apotheosis! They recluse themselves from all matters of the world, to wait out the tide of this global illness.


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Acererak responds

Ah, thus speaketh the victor. I'm sure the millions of slaughtered elves draw immense comfort from your improved quality of life, wingboy.

Ahh, I see that even here the powerful can still be ruled with a petty mind. Never did we claim to be the victor. If you would only listen you would hear that we tried to save as many elves as we could. We did not have the power to stop the slaughter that was to come, or to turn the Tarrasque that the Elves had awoken and Forrester and his allies turned back on them.

You were describing the reasons for why their wholesale slaughter was justified, yes?

No never have I said or believed that what Forrester did was justified. The helpless slaughter of innocence CAN NOT be avenged by doing the same. But there is always two sides to a coin, and what might be the truth for one is not for another.
As for why I am here, I was asked to come here. We would have not come here just for your sake, if you wish to destroy all you have then so be it. But we were asked to come and help protect a people and so we shall, but we came to late to prevent the calamity that has occurred. So now we shall do our best to save those that can be saved, but those who seem only bent on destruction we shall see that they shall have their wishes granted.


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I didn't feel like throwing out any random NPC's to boost my power level, but I couldn't resist adding him to my roster:

Wallace, Aurican's High Accountant
270 Expert / 10 Master Bookkeeper PrC (he's been managing a Oerik-wide trade empire single handedly for over 110 years, whadda you expect?)
I won't bore you with stats, but I will say that he has a +348 bonus to his Profession (Accountant) check.



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Edena, question


I have a question. If you say I have to leave the Cairn, O.K., I accept that. However, I would like to make a few points:

From economic, resource, life-sustaining point of view, the Cairn Hills doesn’t really rely on the Nyr Dyv for very much. In fact, other than as transportation route, none of the powers (Furyondy, the Urnst States, The Shield Lands, The Domain of Greyhawk before it was eaten by the Shade) would have been relying on the Nyr Dyv at the start of the game. It’s far too dangerous. It is chock-full-o-monsters; big bad dragon turtles and the like.

Other than small amount of fishing, the creatures of the Cairn probably couldn’t care less about the Nyr Dyv (o.k., the Rhennee might care, but you get my point :) ). If I had to abandon Cairn, then it would only be logical that everyone around the Nyr Dyv would have to abandon their territories their too. William would loose nearly a third of Furyondy and the Shield Lands; The DU would loose a big chunk of Urnst, etc. So while I understand that I might have to pull back from the shore some, abandon Tenser’s Tower, etc., the reason for abandoning the entire Cairn Hills, while the Isles of Woe – which are sitting literally in the middle of this big stinking mess – is taking reduced amount of damage is a little unclear.

This is isn’t a complaint. I am just requesting clarification

William Ronald

The Kevellond League and the Oerth Alliance will take action to purify the Nyr Dyv.

Murlynd, Keoghtom and Heward will capture and kill any Black Brotherhood agents that they can, starting in the Kevellond League. They will use fire to solidify Blood Waste and turn it over to Alzem for safe keeping.

Agents are dispatched to other allied lands and do the same. The other Oerth Alliance countries will take similar actions, unless they say otherwise. (I can fairly say they will try to stop the pollution of the planet and their lands.)


First Post
I will clarify.

The poisoning of the Cairn Hills and other places is not coming from the Nyr Dyv.

The poisoning is coming from Shadow Throne.

The Nyr Dyv simply had the misfortune of being next to Shadow Throne.
Wolly Bay suffered a similar fate.

The Poison of the Shade is emanating out, from Shadow Throne, in all directions.

It isn't affecting the Blood Waste: the Blood Waste has an equally horrific and deadly poison all of it's own.
And it's spreading faster than the Poison of the Shade.

The best that can be hoped for is that the poison from both sources can be stopped from going any further out, or intensifying where it already is.
10th level magic will do that, whereas 9th level magic and below is helpless to stem the onslaught of the poison.

11th level magic could cure the problem, and eliminate the poisoning.
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Edena- Thanks for turning our party into the deaths of lots of people, we love you forever. :p. If I can I will stop the poison from affecting those here.

Kalanyr, bows to Siobhan and accepts the rose. "Thank you fair lady, it is good to meet you now that I am free of my chains. Please accept my gift to you " With a gesture Kalanyr summons the prettiest unguarded un-will-be-responsible-for-the-death/pain/domination-of-the-multiverse/metaverse/universe/world flower he can find on the Upper Planes. "For you my lady. Would you do me the honour of this dance?"


Serpenteye- Re: Xaene, I claimed him before Turn 1 I guess Edena had decided he was part of the Dark Union before I claimed him and forgot, I only just noticed myself.

Edena- can we solve this the easy way and just say I cloned him? Or shoud we throw dice to see who gets the Blessed/Accursed ArchLich/Lich Xaene?
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Bump for party.

Also can I stop the poisoning of those at the party?

Guess I get Xaene then (mighty fair considering how much land the DU just got).

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