(IR) IR Interlude between Turns 3 and 4 (thread 2)


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Edena_of_Neith said:
Forrester, Vecna cannot transport the robots of the City of the Gods.
That is not his intent.

His intent is to lead them to you in person, physically.

As for why he has left his phylactery with Melkor ... he is a fool.
He may be the greatest mage who ever lived, but he is not the wisest.
Indeed, he is not wise at all.
He is insane.

HAH! Okay. That's his plan. Oh my. That's quite funny. Okay, big V. Show me what you've got.

Edena -- I gather Vecna intends to go down with me in some sort of mutual-suicide thing. Except for him, it really won't be suicide. How amusing.

Can you explain to us again why the City would try to kill EVERYONE on Oerth, after finishing off the person who pissed them off? Is any sort of diplomacy possible?
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I'm interested in knowing this as well.

Forrester said:
Edena, question: I noticed in the Lists that a lot of people have a bunch of powerful NPCs working for them.

Are the powers of these NPCs included in their totals, or do they get them for "free" somehow?

I ask because it's about time that my . . . . considerable force had some leaders. And I want to know if I get these leaders for free -- like everyone else seems to.



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The PL of the NPCs stacks with the PL of the Power in general.
The PL of the NPCs is included in the total PL of the Power in question.
The PL from NPCs may be used to research 10th level magic, advance your civilization, create armies, or anything else you like.
Simplicity was necessary here.

I did not foresee that my Players would claim 10 NPCs as they did.
I did not, for that matter, even foresee that my Players would claim Player Characters.

I have no problem at all with you choosing 16 PL in NPCs, Forrester.
Please help yourself.

Melkor has 16 PL in NPCs, and Black Omega has 12 or so.

If you wish, feel free to make them up out of your head, and assign them any stats and values that please you.

This applies to all the rest of you in the IR.
All of you may bring additional NPCs into the fray (except for Black Omega and Melkor, who have full rosters of NPCs already.)


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I have been wondering about this for sometime.

My NPCs will be used mostly for my fiction, when I have the time to write it, but they will be there. You can expect me to kill some or all of them off after (perferabally) some of you get to know them.

General Sai, PL 1, General of the Celestial armies. He's a fighter to the core, disdaining of magic although he knows its use as well as an experienced campaigner.
Segment Leader Leo, PL 1, fighter, leads a force of elite Celestial troops personally.
Segment Leader Jalan, PL 1, wizard, leads the Celestial magic force.

Horsearcher Mufasa, PL 1, Leader of the Nippon Dominion force.

Survivor Eldan, PL 1, Leader of the Celene remnent and the remainder of the Knights of Luna. Lost his family, his home, his country. Dedicated to destroying the shades at all costs, uncaring of his own life.

You already know Anfaren, the red elf, and my wizards, who are all travelling with the army at the momment.

That will be enough. As the war goes on I will introduce new heroes, but never more then I can manage in my tales at one time. If I can even keep the tales going.

Edena, feel free to kill off my heroes at any time, and I'll work it in. Also, can you give me one Varnaith NPC with a brief description? I didn't feel comfortable tampering with your creation by making my own.



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I determined the nature of the City of the Gods before the IR started.
Certainly, long before I was given Vecna to play - at that time, nobody was in charge of Vecna, and later Bonedagger chose to play him.

The City of the Gods functions on Automatic, to use an IRL term.
It has been on Automatic for at least 10,000 years.
The cataclysm that destroyed the civilization of superscience on Oerth, destroyed every city except this one city.

In the ensuing chaos and panic, the beings of that superscientific civilization just picked up and fled.
They failed to deactivate their machines, their computers, their defensive grids, their offensive weapons.

In all the years that have passed since that time, the City has spent it's time maintaining itself.
Machines and robots are carefully kept in good working shape.
Quantom computers (ironic, since computers as we know them IRL had not been invented when the City of the Gods supplement came out from TSR) make sure that every street is sparklessly clean, every rodent kept clear of the city, every building is spotless, and every last circult and wire is in proper working order.

These computers and robots long ago made an accessment of the primitive life forms of Oerth (what Forrester would call the fantastically powerful mages and clerics and people of the Arcane Age) and determined that they were not a threat.
This was well for the people of Oerth.
Had the City decided that these people were a threat, the City would have moved to neutralize that threat.
The City was built by a race that fought wars, and it's idea of neutralization is pretty complete.
From the City computer's point of view, if the primitive life forms are exterminated, then they are not a threat.

However, the mages and clerics of the Arcane Age left the City of the Gods alone.
They were afraid of it.
Adventurers broke into the City from time to time.
Few returned.
Fearful that this would arouse the wrath of the City, the great mages and clerics of the Arcane Age did all they could (as Anabstercorian has done) to prevent raids against the City.

Incidentally, they did not call it the City of the Gods.
What they called it, has been lost in the annals of history.

The Twin Cataclysms that destroyed the Suloise Imperium and the Baklunish Empire saw the end of the Arcane Age, and temporarily saw the end of civilization.
People living in the Dark Ages, exploring the frigid north, stumbled upon this ancient metropolis, and marvelled at it's wonders and horrors.
Only Gods could build such a place, said they.
Surely, this was the home OF the Gods, said they.
They christened it the City of the Gods, and the name has stuck since that time.

In the 2,000 years since that time, adventurers have from time to time gone to the City, and a few have even returned.
The City has repeatedly accessed the threat factor, and accessed that these primitives were no threat to it.

Now, however, Vecna is coming.
Insane beyond insane, Vecna intends to use 10th level magic to smote the City with Catastrophe.
With his magic, he has the capability of causing serious, and possibly irreparable damage, to this technological marvel left by the ancients.
Not that Vecna cares. Vecna cares for nothing and nobody.

If the City sustains serious damage, it will go on full War Alert.
It will access what is happening.
It will see that a primitive has acquired the capacity to damage it.
It will reaccess the capabilities of primitives.
With it's probes, it will realize that many primitives exist now ... and all of them could have the power that this one primitive has - the City has no way of telling who has 10th level magic and who does not, and there is no way to convey to the City this information.

As the damage continues to mount, and threatens the City's very existence, it will go into Emergency Retaliation Mode.
Ending the threat will become the priority.
All other considerations will become secondary.
Survival must be achieved, regardless of all other directives.

The City will access that all the primitives are potentially lethal to it.
The City will move to neutralize them.

It will start with the one who is attacking it.
But it will find that one is fleeing.
It will give chase.
It will find that chase futile.
It's war machines chasing that figure will happen upon a large gathering of the primitives.
Seeing the one primitive is gone, the City will revert to step 2: neutralizing the other primitives.
Since it's war machines are in the vicinity of a large and threatening gathering of the primitives, they will be neutralized first.
The others will be neutralized in the order in which the City perceives them to be a threat.

Now, Vecna is able to guess all of this, because he has been in the City, back in the ancient past, and he has quite a good understanding of the place.
He knows what it will do, how it will react, and what will happen when it does react.

He has it all planned out.

He did not threaten the United Commonwealth, or make his ridiculous demand, for no reason.
He made his ridiculous command because he knew he could back up his threat.
Forrester then bad-mouthed him.
Now, Vecna intends to make good on his threat.

Of course, it is Vecna's fault, entirely, and not Forrester's.
Vecna knew very well that Forrester would not, and could not, agree to his demands.
Vecna was eager to set off the City, and has been ever since his Legions were destroyed.

Vecna sees the whole world of Oerth as a toy, and like an immature child he desires to bang that toy around and smash it up until it is ruined.
Then, he will fix it up with his magic, and smash it up again.

If you wish to place the blame for the tolerance of an psychopathic lunatic with superpowerful magic within the IR, please blame me, for I play him, and blame Melkor, who protects him. (although I don't think Melkor would have protected him if Melkor had known he was going to pull something this crazy.)

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Alyx, I will add your new NPCs to the roster ASAP.
Dagger, feel free to create NPCs to add to your roster, up to 16 PLs worth.

Everyone else, feel free also (except Black Omega and Melkor, who already have large numbers of NPCs.)

Black Omega, if you do not have 16 PL of NPCs, add an NPC or two to bring you to 16, if you wish.

Melkor, you're at 16 PL already. You requested I allow the Seven, and I was happy to do so. :)


P:S Everyone, remember to get Alzem to read the Sending of the Wanderer, about 8 posts up from this one!
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A better question: If Kalanyr and I work together, can we stop Vecna's catastrophe?

Two 10th level spells are better than one :)



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That Poor Kender you killed Vecna...

It was not mentioned that you killed him and then sealed him with 10th level magic. If this is the case, I will use True Ressurection on him. If this is not the Case I will ask Forrester or Kalanyr to revive our good little Kender friend that was mercilously attacked by Vecna...

And Vecna... you are going to die, you just don't know it yet...

Edit: That blood goo you guys are playing with... I need a simple drop so I can use detect evil PERSONALLY on it... Why has nobody done this yet? It emits strangely strong elementally effected magic... so I am pretty sure that it is also affected by negative or positive energy as well...

It appears to have evil affects on people... so I probably am right in my thesis... It is also born of agony... and from an area where Vecna Died... It could be some kind of Lich-Blood metal that we don't know about... and that could mean that Vecna could be gaining +1/+2 troops from all of you, and that would not be fun...

If I do obviously detect evil, I am going to try to create a rust monster that can rust this type of metal especially... And then I am going to bread them. And then I am going to name them Sanguis Absumeres (Blood Eaters). Maybe I can get them to look less like tenticles on ant eaters and more like Huge Blue Turtles with tenticles flittering around in front of them...

If I can make them I will...

If I need to make sacrifices I will...

If I need 10th (or 11th) Level Magic I'm screwed...

Late Edit: Edena... did you just say that we can have up to 16 PL of NPC's? If so... should I count Tenser (who I lost a while ago) against my total of 16 PL?
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Edena, if Vecna needs help in awaking City of The Gods, we will help him, we may sacrifice some pl to do it.

However, Vecna`s phylactery will be send to The Deep Shadow Plane, where Lord Melkor has his realm. We inform him, that if he doesn`t obey Lord Melkor, we shall destroy it.

William Ronald

A slow dance in the moonlight

Edena: You will have my template in the morning. I will create some NPCs. I will also e-mail people who need to send in their templates shortly.

creamsteak: I think it might be possible to transfer their powers to other creatures, kind of like gene swapping.

(The following post is to be free of violence and a tender interlude in an often violent IR. In order to assure the peace, Heward and Murlynd, two demigods are present. As one of the parties invited to this event has 10th level magic, I must assume it is protected from all scrying and teleportation effects. There are two people who are meant to post responses to this thread. No gate crashers allowed. Guests who wish to honor the participants are. Your intentions will be known. Edena, if anyone tries to ruin this, I ask that some of the Angels of Hope Island - the actual angels - wag fingers and move the offending party back home.:D)

In a hidden location in the Kevellond League, an orchestra is heard rehearsing. They sit in a wide courtyard in a stately manor and castle. Nearby a waterfall is seen, its waters creating silver threads like a necklace as it poors. The sound of music is heard from the quartz rock in the water fall.

The demigod Heward is leading the orchestra and strumming on a harp. A single musician hits a wrong note on a flute.

"No! This has to be perfect. This is a night that our guests will remember, hopefully for an eternity. Take 10 minutes and let's strt again."

Heward turns to Murlnd, complete in his cowboy garb, with magical six shooters and a magical rifle. "I should not be so hard on them, they are mortal after all. One of them only has 20 years of experience as a bard."

"Don't worry, pardner. It'll be alright," Murlynd says in a twangy voice. "Glad you left the Mystical Organ at home. Keoghtom is still a bit upset about your LAST concert with it."

"I did not mean to hit the meteor swarm key! It was an honest mistake in a complex piece. I made restitution!"

"It's fine now. So, when should our guests arrive? We are security. I also brought my harmonica, my guitar and my banjo."

"They should be here soon. This is a pristine natural setting. The waterfall is one of the best kept secrets on Oerth. It is musical and responds to music. It has been weeping at the wounding of our world. Something must be done," Heward says, a look of worry on his face. His bald brow furrows in worry.

"I am sure it will. I have faith. Faith manages, love endures. A smart man from another world told Keoghtom that once."

"The current Lord Ronald's ancestor, the Man who fell to Oerth?"
Murlynd said. "Pity that he and Slerontin didn't show up with the other time travellers."

"Yes to both thoughts. The world has changed in some ways, but in others not enough. Hate rules too many hearts. There are even some wicked fools who view the wounding of Oerth with glee."

"There always are, I'm afraid. Let us hope our guests arrive soon. I'm getting hungry. And that Keoland brandy looks might fine. Then there's the Yeomanry wine and the Furyondy ale. A feast to satisfy many desires."

"Desire - and love - is what we are here to honor. As well as courage."

A pair of lovebirds coos in the trees.

"Beory, it seems, has sent her well wishes to this feast. Truly we are honored," Heward says.


Edena- Also can I undo shade poisoning with 10th level magic? If I can I will do it drive the shadowstuff back towards Shadow Throne. And I am using 10th level magic to Light up as much of the Shadow Throne as I can for a Turn.

Melkor- Enjoy the Light. My gift to you.


"Greeting Mighty Solar, It is good to see you here. The forces of Light need much aid. It will be an honour to fight beside you. Welcome to Oerth. "

As elven armies prepare to attack The Shadowlands, they have to face a small force of undeath emerging from it. At first they smile at the foolishness of the enemy, but then they see who are they facing, for these zombies were once their brethren, members of their families. Their bodies show signs of terrible torture, their faces twisted forever in the expressions of terror. Efforts to resecurrect them fail, and divinations will reveal the true, that their souls were given to denizens of The Shadow Plane, Yugoloths, or sacrificed to Lord Melkor himself. They will suffer for eons, and Arvandor is denied for them.


(I will ward the area against scrying and teleporting, any uninvited "guests" will be sent home (by home I mean upside down in the largest collection of dung I can find in their country) or placed right in front of Zagyg with an "I like really complex long practical jokes and have an excellent sense of humour" sign on their chests whichever suits my whim.)

Kalanyr approaches the area, bringing a party of guests with him, Zuggtmoy, Xaene, Lyzandred,Eclavdra,Iggwilv,Kerpatis and Ivid (who I hope left the Tarrasque at home, could be a little difficult to find food for all otherwise).

He stares around the place waiting for everyone to arrive. "A fine setup you have put on. I thank you for this Heward,Murlnd and ArchCleric Hazen"

Zuggtmoy goes to find Keoghtom to talk to him about the healing properties of certain fungi.

Eclavdra, wanders around gazing at the beauty of nature all around her, a Holy Symbol of Kalanyr hanging from her neck, for now Freedom grants her her spells.

Ivid decides he will be the bouncer or the charrer if things get to bad and takes up a rather righteous guarding pose.

Keraptis is babbling about making a fun maze with magical treasure at the end, while Xaene,Iggwilv and Lyzandred listen.
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William Ronald

edena: Is there a limit on the number of PLs a player can put into advancing one's civilization.

If Lord Melkor's god is slain, are the souls of his victims released? Also, can I build a fortress out of the corpse as was done by the Githyanki with Moander's body on the astral plane?:D (Have a sense of humor for a change, Lord Melkor. You can go out of character and not be penalized.)

To two players and their PCs: Enjoy my previous post "A slow dance in the moonlight."

Alzem: An official welcome aboard. I look forward to reading your reply to the Wanderer's post. I will bring my ambassador, Gwilym Raonul, who went to Hope Island back before Turn 4 begins. Your PCs and NPCs probably met him as he investigated Toril and did a tour of the planet and Realmspace. He has been there since Turn 0. (How long did it take him to Realmspace.)
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Hah, like Zagyg needs a sign in order to know that people like his jokes. :D

Besides, I don't think you'd want to put uninvided guests in front of Zagyg; he and Aurican will be at the feast to celebrate. When Zagyg shows up, he sits in with the orchestra; he brought his slide-whistle (he is, however, surprisingly good on it).


Uvenelei- Zagyg will be in attendace? I am glad, if any interlopers show up Zagyg and they can provide "special entertainment".

"Greetings, O Fiery Dragon, I am pleased to see you and you friends here. "


Edena- I will begin forging Red Steel weapons and armour, however no one will use it, it will be locked in a 10th level magic protected building with strong guards. Divinations continue about the ratio of good to bad affects. Anyone caught attempting to abscond with the Red Steel or the Goo will be chucked off the side of the mountain and not get the benefits of the mythal on the way down.

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