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(IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 2)

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Sollir Furryfoot said:
"Wait!" The unsettling silence disappears from the destroyed Burned Fells, a woman of unimaginable, unreplicable beauty steps outof what remains, and calmly approaches Sanctus.

"Why are you here, is it because you care so much? If you cared, why would horrible things like this happen...this isn't sane. It isn't the fault of nature for it is the fault of man, some men who you might call friends. Several outsiders have come into this world, many of them evil yet some wishing to help, several people of this world, many evil yet some willing to help preserve life...preserve nature...are you one of those men?" The moonlight dances upon the womans face, revealing her beauty to the paladin Sanctus, who detects no evil from her, in his mind he wonders who this woman is and where she came from...

I am here to examine what has happened to my lands and the people living in them because of this war. If you doubt that I care... well just go ahead and doubt my intentions. Do you sense even a feeble thought of chaos in my mind? Do you see any faultering in my lips? Outsiders... well I call many of them neighbors, as long as they do not overstep their own territory. If you are speaking of Forrester, please remember that he never took any land from his friends. The shade, however, did take the lands of Greyhawk. Preserving Life and Nature... am I one of those men... I ask that of myself sometimes, and the only conclusion I can see will come to me in death.

So whom are you, and for what purpose have you approached me this night? I have answered your questions of my intentions, if you have any more, you are free to ask them.

Sanctus Punitor moves over and sits by a half destoyed tree.

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Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
Rules question: Can I assign the PL of my NPCs and/or monsters/planars/constructs/undead to, say, magical research or advancing my civilization?


First Post
Good rping, Festy!

- - -

You can indeed, Darkness.

You add up ALL the sources of your PL FIRST.

That is your total PL.

You may do ANYTHING you want with that PL ... all of that PL.

- - -

Kas may be anything you want him to be, Mr Draco.

- - -

The Grandwood is in worse shape than Fellreev Forest.
There is no Phostwood. It was completely destroyed by the Antimatter Barrage and the subsequent firestorms.
Celadan Forest is in the same shape as Fellreev Forest: about 1/5th of it remains, in scattered patches of green here and there.
Gamboge Forest is 2/3rds destroyed: the damage to Gamboge Forest is less because part of it is hill country, and the hills shielded the trees from the heat flash.

A similar situation exists with all the forests in the Sheldomar Valley in the western Flanaess (places such as the Axewood, Dreadwood, and the others.)
They have all been completely destroyed, or severely damaged.

There are two forests that are completely untouched.

Adri Forest.
Vesve Forest.

Adri Forest was untouched by the Barrage, totally missed by a fluke.
Vesve Forest was protected by the Faerie, and also no missiles struck it either.

West of the mountains, 4/5ths of the great Garnak Forest survived (it covers what is marked the Dry Steppes on the regular maps.)

William Ronald

An embassy and a plea for healing

I think a lot of people are underestimating the threat of the Blood Wastes. Both the Union of Oerth and the Yatil Mountains experienced SEVERE geological change which people seem to view with little concern. So far, my land has been unaffected by these changes.

However, just because my country will not be affected does not mean I should just abandon other countries to their fate. (I think some people outside of the Oerth Alliance are taking that view. They shall not be looked upon kindly if they decide the world can drop dead.)

I am sending an ambassador (someone besides Gwilym Raonul) back to Hope Island on Toril. I inviting the Wanderer to go with, so he can see and speak with some Torillians, and hopefully an angel. I am willing to give a wounded soul a chance to heal. (This probably seems like a very weird thing for an IR, but I have learned the value of compassion for others.) I am now making that offer here on the boards.

It is morning. The late summer sky is streaked with clouds. Hazen, Fand Dyvyr, Gwilym Raonul, Murghtom the old, a gnome, a gold dragon and a man with dark golden skin stand in a wooded clearing. It is beautiful, with the late summer leaves showing the first faint hints of autumn.

"This grove is sacred to Beory the Oerth Mother herself, the Lady of Life. It is honored by all those who revere the gods of nature and nature itself," Hazen says in a ringing voice.

"Ambassador Gwilym Raonul has journeyed to Hope Island on Toril where Angels dwell," Hazen says. The dragon and Gwilym Raonul bow their heads reverently, a peaceful expression filling their faces. "However, he is needed here. Therefore I have called this gathering."

"Ambassador Guillaum Dolanor," Hazen says pointing to a gnome with white hair and a trimmed white beard. "will represent the Kevellond League and the Oerth Alliance -if my allies permit - on Hope Island. He may even address the World Congress on Toril on our behalf. Emperor Cho Je Pa-Ser has asked the sage Imhotep Chou to accompany Ambassador Dolanor."

"However, there is one person whom I would ask to journey to Hope Island and Toril. Some one whose opinion is a minority view, but has a right to be heard."

"Some have said hateful things about him. I may have been harsh in my comments to him. However, if he believes Toril is a nightmare made flesh, then he should journey to the one place on Toril of which he would approve. I ask the Wanderer to join this embassy as an observer or guest. As he is not a member of the Kevellond League - to my knowledge - I can merely ask him to go on this journey."

"I hope that the Angels will give him a chance to speak his mind. They are a major power on Toril. They have it in their means to prevent further interference on the affairs of Oerth. If the Wanderer truly believes Toril endangers Oerth, then he should address them."

"Perhaps he can even address the World Congress to voice his concerns about Forrester. He may never get another forum to address this and other issues."

"Some would ask, why do I bother when I know this man has distorted the truth and appears hateful. Because he is a person, with the right to his opinion."

"Furthermore, I suspect he may be responsible for stopping the spread of the Blood Waste. If he has done so, then he has my gratitude. The disease inflecting Oerth remains. It must be cured, and we of Oerth will either save or damn this world and ourselves."

"Wanderer! I believe you can here me in this place or at least those allied to you can. What do you say to my offer, a chance to convince the Angels that Toril has erred, to present your case to those you see as colonialists. I state again that I will not have Oerth be a slave of any world, but that I see Toril differently as I do. Two intelligent people will go to Toril. Will a third go, who can try to convince them of the rightness of his cause -through reasoned argument? Will you go, O Wanderer, to state your worries before the Angels and to those on Toril who may listen to you."

"I will wait here to receive your reply. I am sorry I missed you in Veluna City. I was tending the wounded."

"I do not know what you think of me, but I shall wait here to receive your reply."

Guillaum Dolanor looks up at Hazen. "Do you think he will show up here? Will he go with Imhotep and me to Hope Island? The angels were welcome to an embassy."

"All we can do is wait and hope," Hazen says. "Perhaps hope is all we have."


First Post

For Turn 5, I am using a greatly simplified Template system.

As follows:

Look at the Lists Post, and find out your Total PL.

Tell me how many PL you are spending on Advancing Your Civilization.

Tell me how many PL you are spending on Magical Research.

Tell me who you are sharing technology with.

End of Template!

- - -

The rest of your PL I will automatically assume is in the form of troops.
Your PC, NPCs, Planars, Undead, Monsters, and Constructs will all be with your troops.

If you specifically state your PC, NPCs, etc. are in a given place, they are in that place.
If you state X PL of troops are in a given place, they are in that place.

And that's all there is to it!

You may add complexity as you wish, of course.

- - -

You must tell me, now, on this board (not in a private e-mail, but on this board, where everyone can read it! :D ) how actively you are using the Blood Goo.

Give me a number from 0 to 5.

0 means you have nothing to do with the Red Goo.
1 means cautious experimentation, safe keeping in vaults, etc.
2 means extensive experimentation with some care taken.
3 means extensive experimentation, and limited production of Red Steel
4 means heavy production of Red Steel
5 means all out production of Red Steel

Currently, I only have the number from Forsaken One. His number is a 5, since he has armed and armored his entire army with Red Steel.

I need these numbers, here on this board, as soon as possible.

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First Post
Hoo Ha

I am DefCon 5 for my Red Goo experimentation. I am prepared to accept the consequences, whatever they may be, of my usage of Bloodsteel.
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I am definitely a 0.

Also, I am not familiar with it, but what would the deepest cave into oerth be? I may put together a group or military action to investigate the ooze from underneeth if I know the location of such a place. I could even inspect underwater if that would get me appropriately deeper.
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William Ronald

Hi, Edena:

Does this mean that any remaining PL left from Advancing Your Civilization and Magical Research is in defense? This makes my life a lot easier. (I am reviewing my template. I will do a mass e-mail for everyone I have on the boards about this.)

Here is how I am using the Blood Goo:

Rating 0. When my forces found someone trying to spread it, it was fireballed and any resulting red steel was turned over to Alzem for safe keeping. This stuff is made from the blood and souls of people and the life force of Oerth. I suspect using it may be a sacrilege in many faiths.

Logging off for the night soon. I will e-mail people.


First Post
Correct, William.

Anything not put into Magical Research or Advancing your Civilization, is automatically considered military (offensive or defensive.)

Creamsteak, you do not know (nobody knows) where the deepest cavern on Oerth is.

What you DO know is that pools of Red Goo exist, here and there, in the substrata of rock all over Oerth now.
There are thin streamers of the stuff, little underground streams, that connect the pools.
These streams radiate outward from the Blood Waste, and cover the whole Underdark in a frail latticework of Red Goo.

For the moment, at least, the surrounding bedrock is tolerating this.
However, for those with ears to hear, the rock is in pain, and the world is in pain.


First Post
In addition to the geological mess in the southeast, there are a few other geological changes ... minor little things that nobody would notice, of course ...

Such as, the Nyr Dyv has dropped by 1000 feet and is half the size it once was.
The remaining water is black, poisonous, and muddy ... nobody has ventured into it to find out why, and nobody wants to.

The Whyestil Sea is twice it's former size.
Goodbye Doraaka and Crockport - those cities had to be moved.
All the lands north, east, and south of the Whyestil are now drowned.
Only in the west, where the Faerie protected the Vesve, did the Whyestil not flood the lands.

Delrune is slowly sinking, and gradually becoming swamplike.

The volcanism in the Yatils is spreading lakes of lava into Perrenland.
Perrenland is slowly getting smaller, as it's western regions are flooded with molten rock.

Just minor little changes. No need to worry about such things ...
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