(IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 2)

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Your Red Goo rating:

Alyx 1
Alzem 0
Anabstercorian 5
Black Omega 1
Creamsteak 0
Dagger unknown
Darkness unknown
Mr Draco / Serpenteye 3
Festy Dog unknown
Forsaken One 5
Forrester unknown
GnomeWorks unknown
Kaboom 1
Kalanyr 1
Maudlin unknown
Melkor unknown
'o Skokeinos 3
Rhialto 5
Sollir unknown
Tokiwong 5
Uvenelei 0
Valkys unknown
William unknown
Zelda unknown
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I think that my people are okay with swamps. They may be slightly more warm and wet, but they are similar to the forests we live in, and it is still nature.

Now if the huge earthquake was magic caused... hmm... thats another deal.


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My Red Goo rating is -1 if possible, 0 if not. Any of it found anywhere in the lands of the Crescent is destroyed at once.


Goo Factor 1

I agree a longer IR is good.

Hmm. I guess I will have to kill Acererak now since he's closes to being the Uber-Power of Oerth than anybody else. I'll bury the crown of supreme rulership of Oerth with his skull (I sure as hell am not going to let him wear it while he's still living god or no god!) .
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An odd method of transport, walking is, mused the red elf. You put one foot in front of you, and hurl the rest of your body after it. And hope that the ground will still be there when you step on it. Though it shouldn't be too surprising; that's roughly what life is all about. Throwing yourself forward into the unknown, hoping that whatever you do next will allow you to take that next step unimpeded.

The corridor went by slowly as the red elf traveled deeper into the earth. He had teleported just outside the deep-buried lab, outside of all the magical protections around it, and somehow the extra time seemed worth it. Out there in the world, there was still much work to be done. Every second was a resource more precious then gold, scarcer then mithril. Yet this was a matter that merited deep thought, and considered judgment deserved time as well.

A few more steps, and the red elf came to the Door. It was a huge magical item of sorts, one that prevented entry to the room behind it in any way short of an artifact’s power. The red elf had picked it up years before, when it had been used to keep him out from where he did not belong. But I got in, he mused. Funny how life works, sometimes. With that thought, he triggered the opening mechanism and went in.

Jacen, a monk of the spirit folk, turned from the pool in the middle of the room to appraise his visitor. The room within was large, over two hundred feet long and wide, but most of it was dominated by a red pool of gunk that radiated an aura of danger. The red elf walked towards Jacen carefully, making sure that the floor was clean wherever he put his foot down. Around the room, a dozen other scholars of the Celestial Empire were at work, analyzing the red goo’s properties, and more importantly, attempting to find out how to destroy it.

“How goes the research, my old friend?” asked the red elf, stopping a few feet away from the monk and carefully observing the researcher.

“Not well, I am afraid.” returned Jacen, biting his lip and gesturing with his staff towards the pool. “It resists all our efforts to a great degree. Fire has a significant effect on it, as you well know, but very little else can touch it in any way.”

“Unfortunate, as little as I suspected that you would give me any other news.” sighed the Red Elf, relaxing his stare to sweep his gaze around the room. “You will, of course, keep in touch with me on any developments.”

“As always.” agreed Jacen. “Is that all?”

“For now, that’s enough about our creeping red foe. Let us talk about more pleasant things for now.”

And so they did.


That’s a research effort of 1, Edena.


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Iuz decides...

Iuz has decided to focus his attention on the red goo and see if there is anything useful he can do with it...

OOC: The Empire of Iuz is at level 5 in Red Goo research

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