(IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 4)


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Right-o. Thanks, Darkness :) Think I got them all now.

Hey E - If I ever get knocked out permanently by these bastards, I'd be willing to take on some of the mindless calculations, if you're ready to outsource...

I'd even be willing to be impartial about the people who killed me, in extremis :>

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Black Omega

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Edena, no worries. It's been alot of fun so far and i'm sure it will continue to be. People will get knocked out, or at least devestated, that's just how it happens in something like this.
I am assuming, from the lack of posts above, that the scouts who have seen the Eternal Empire installation have not yet given themselves away.
Yes, watching. Spying from a distance.


Hmm.. sorry to bother you again... I'm making a mess this interlude I know :rolleyes:

But could you please reply to my Template (and the balbla story), and the last 2 mini mails that should have been 1 small mail :)

It's imperative that I get those answers before next turn. Else I need to do certain things while we are started and they take ingame time then and now they don't....

so plz if you find the time, make it happen! (your probably getting some sleep and rest now before the mayhem really starts kicking in :)

I'm sooo anxious for next turn :)
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!

And my way for this turn if necissary, TO OBLIVION!!! :D

'o Skoteinos

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I had cast a 'Persistent Two Bodies spell" (or whatever the real name is, from BoEM2). It's a 9th level spell (lasting 24 hours, due to the Persistent Metamagic) that creates a duplicate of you. When one of the two dies, the other becomes the real one.

What happened was:

I casted that spell. The duplicate teleported somewhere to have a chat with Kessel. The Duplicate kills himself (to avoid being captured / forced to reveal secret information / whatever other unpleasant things Kessel would've thought of), and the real one is still around.

I'm really sorry for the confusion I've caused. It would've been fun to unmask the real spies together with Gnomeworks and Kalanyr...

Other Topic: I've had no reply from you on my Red Goo factor? I want to raise it to 5, can I do that with the precautions I'm taking (look at my turn 5 template mail)?

Gnomeworks, with the news that my spies are all accounted for, and those "spies" not being mine, whose were they? I think I have a clue...but still no acces to the Lurkers Forum (That's a HINT William ;))...

Maudlin, thanks for adding my name.

William Ronald

Hi, 'o Skotenos:

Have to run out soon. I am making sure you get access to the Lurker's Forum. Sorry for any confusion.

My representatives will try to help solve any differences between your faction and Gnomeworks. I got to hand it to Rhialto, who must have several levels in the saboteur prestige class.:)

Everyone, let's stick with the IR. Some of us will be wiped out, but others will survive. Indeed, there are a lot of ways to be a winner. Let us not abandon this thread. Also, we need to let Edena know how appreciative we are of his efforts.


I will be gone for a while. I ask that my allies represent me. My civilians will be moved to a place of safety. (The pocket dimension is probably best, if not possible to send them there I go with the other option.)


Great map. Everyone look at it and think about all the geological changes. The Blood Waste is not a joke and neither is what it is doing to Oerth.

William Ronald

'o Skotenos:

To help make amends, I will let you know that extensive use of the Red Steel will have side effects. Many are going to bad, such as increased agressiveness. There may be some good ones.

I think this Red Steel works like the Red Steel of the Mystara campaign setting.


I send messages to Hope Island on Toril and the UC of Toril about the presence of the Eternal Empire.

Really must go now.


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I'm here for the long haul

Relax, Edena. I'll be in this game up until I either win, or lose, and either way I'll walk off with a smile on my face. I am having Fun, and lots of it. :D

As for my current actions? Well, Anabstercorian is coming down to AnaKeri to greet these natives, and apologize for the Incident. I'm sure you know what I mean. I explain things in full and ask for their forgiveness - Red Iron weapons and armor are offered as tribute for their understanding.

In addition, Solistarim forces seek to forge a permanent diplomatic relationship with the natives, desiring a trade route between them - We import food in exchange for Red Iron weaponry.

More details in an e-mail.


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Iuz waits upon his throne... watching languidly... as the storm begins to brew... and wonders just how kind the manners of fate will be...

OOC: I am in for the long haul this is some cool stuff Edena... you are doing great glad you guys let me join...

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