(IR) IR Interlude, Turn 5 - Turn 6 (Thread 1)

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Everyone, please read my posts on page 3 of the last thread, before you begin posting here.

This Interlude will last only until I am refreshed.

Then, Turn 6 will begin.
It will begin today.

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One of the dozens of Kalanyr's running around teleports to the North Pole and ressurects the seals while Acererak can't touch him. While he's there he pats the seal cubs and blows raspberries at Acererak.

Acererak- No offense intended if you manage to pull of your Apotheosis. Otherwise offense intended to the big bone skull that managed to avoid annihilation despite half the NPC's and PC's in the world ganging up on him (this I'm not so worried about since everyone can do it, it does make it kinda hard to stop your Apotheosis though).

(Hmm one advantage of about a billion clones is that you can be pointlessly vindictive everywhere at once)
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It is still 5 Turns before anyone gains 11th level magic.
Forrester and the Torilians cannot bring 11th level magic into Greyspace for 5 Turns.

All of you have Secret Retreats that cannot be scried by 10th level magic.
Therefore, all of you are guaranteed participation in the IR for at least one more Turn, and possibly up to 5 Turns.

Your Secret Retreats may be found prior to the advent of 11th level magic.
This will happen if the IR Powers state certain things, and do certain things, in the IR - but it will not be easy to find any of the Secret Retreats, whatever they do.
If your Secret Retreat is found, your Power can be permanently eliminated, although obviously your PCs and some survivors may attempt to escape (said escape may or may not be successful.)

I would recommend you keep your Secret Retreats, secret.


Are all powers capable of research/civ advancement while in their Secret Retreats or are only some powers capable of this?


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*illusions and despair, darkness and corruption, emotions gone, thus is the surrounding of the being and the swirling vortex before it, it glances around the empty cave, the floor almost smooth from centuries of tireless undeads working and cleaing the cave, the beings eyes glow with a pale light , yet it doesnt illuminate the cave as if the surrounding darkness eats up the light, its eyes sees nothing has change yet nothing is the same, time has passed another turning of the moon has ended. The being turns to the vortex and reaches into the mist caressing the dreams of the dreamless life, bringing with its touch horrors and corruptions not yet to be found anywhere, and soft promises of an oblivion to come where nothing is.*

"Words spoken, voices travel."
"Death comes, Blood flows."
"Life perish, Seed grow."
"Speakers of Dust, Death foretell."
"Listen not, Nothing comes."
"Sorrow brought, Damnation granted."
"Desires perish, Light vanish."
"Emptiness remains, Oblivion ours."

*The being mouth opens as if to laugh, but no sound escapes the darkness around it. Beyond the mist of time, A bringer of Void awaits, armies of the dead stands ready side by side for countless eons, time might come soon, yet it might never come again. The being gestures and a dark tome floats through the air to its hand, the being opens the book of damnation and with the letters of the Void enters the following words

"The Dead shall only one master have."
"Oblivion shall be spoken to all."
"Darkness shall consume the land."

The being closes the book slowly and gently runs its fingers over the cover almost as if to please the dreaded tome with the touch of dead. The being motions and the tome vanishes once more, lost to those who seek and feared by those who live.*
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Secret stuff so do not remember

These are not the droids you are looking for.

Edena this was a proposal i send to other in the POreth alliance and would like to know what you think of this and if it would work.. Strictly by the numbers I think it might. And Yea I know you are a guy I just think faster than I type, so sorry about the her thing

/me pounds head

Ok when I started here is some information that Edena sent to me, and I am sure you all know it also

A primitive culture can have very advanced weapons, and often do in
novels and films.

For every 3 PL devoted to advancing your civilization, your Power
advances one extra year (in addition to the one standard year per Turn)
into the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution.
For every 10 years of advancement, the PL of the countries you hold
goes up.
S (or small countries) gain 1 PL. M (or middle sized countries) gain
2 PL. L (or large) countries, gain 3 PL. LL (or empire-sized)
countries gain 4 PL.

Ok now most of you have a Civilization rating of lets sat 1550 and mine is 1881 for a difference of 331 years, for a whole lot of PL gain in net for the difference in Civilization.

Ok now for every 10 years your Civilization advances your countries gain PL right. So instead of giving 10 PL and losing 3 Perm for research just give me population. Now this PL you would lose permanently but think of the gain.

For every 1 PL you give me I would gain (figuring my Island is Medium sized) 66 PL for research. So now we gain 6 points in the magic race for every 1 Pl you sacrifice. Lets say 5 people gave 10 PL loss permanently. That would equal out to a net gain of 3300 PL gain for me. Edena what is your thought on this?

/me rubs hands together and prays



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Malachai Prepares

In repsonse to the actions of Forsaken One moving into the Godspires Malachai mobilizes his forcs that were still at the ready and moves into the Godspires, the banner of his empire flying high, he will issue a command for the formians to stand down, if not then bloody combat shall ensue...

OOC: Sending a 100 PL force into the Godspires... I am aware I cannot attack just missed the opporunity last night... but that ill be what he does when the IR restarts...

For Edena ONLY, Shade actions for Interlude:

1.) We move our Secret Base underground, miles below the surface, protecting entries with traps, we are also spreading Shadow Poison there, but not on the surface. We use 10th level magic to create anti-scrying Mythal, would it protect us from 11th level scrying?

2.) We continue full out production of Red Steel, Dragons are also equiped with it.

3.) We produce more Negative/Shadow Energy Accumulators, like one we used when Shadow Throne was besieged, HOWEVER, this time they are powered with nuclear energy and 10th level magic. We also mass produce rifles that fire clouds of Shade and Negative Energy.

4.) We use 10th level magic to help in the spread of Blood Waste, infusing it with Negative energy and countering Kalanyr`s efforts to stop its spread. Our spellcasters on Oerth use Shade Embassy at New Doraaka as secret base of operation.

5.) Finally, protected from insanity by 10th level magic, we contact The Elder Ones! We adress them with great respect, even offering some sacrifices, they are informed of our intent to open the Material Plane for them. But we also inform them of the great might of Aber-Toril, and rising power of Oerthians, that might be a match even for the powers of Far Realms! So we offer our full support, and likely support of our allies, in conquering of Oerth and Toril, then other worlds. We also share with them all information aquired from this captured Phaerimm, concering Toril defenses. As a reward for our deeds, we ask Elder Ones to let us rule Oerth, as their vassals. Do they accept this offer, Edena?
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More stuff

Edena I will look for the Mythal information later today but here are some things I want to do with it.

1. Everyone who is an ally of mine will no longer age while under it – enemies will age at the rate of 10 years/second

2. ALL magical research held under the Mythal is 4x as effective and 1/3 as dangerous i.e. for ever 10 points of PL spent on research 4 points are gained in the Magical arms race and 1 point lost permanently.

3. All friendly units are healed of all diseases and ills + feel rejuvenated and do not need to sleep.

4. A permanent gate to Hope Island on Toril so I can move Tech between worlds to facialiate any research, and bring over my Tech from Toril. (A whole lot of safeguards on this one)

Also I want to place a Mythal over the Blood Waste possible with the help of Kalanyr using assisted magic to free the souls of those trapped in the goo at a much faster and nonstop manner. Sort of like the bacteria used to clean oil spills. Also use a 10th level True ritual on this Mythal if at all possible.

Also with the gaining of 10th level magic is My Pl still cut in half from Toril or do I now get the full number. I am also going to use all my magic and tech from both worlds to try and discover what the Red Death is that the Angels told me about and Forrester knows also. If the UC on Toril knows I will inquire of them also as to why Forrester has such a massive army in Realmspace, and what he is guarding against.

All my troops will now be augmented with 10th level magic of course. I will also continue to create the Golems I was before. With 10th level magic I will create Physic dead rings for all my commanders and people of importance to create the 15’ radius Physic dead area around them for their protection.

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