(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 3)

Melkor notices Kalanyr`s apperance and smiles:

-Hello old friend! I hope you know that I invited some of your brethren to our little party on Oerth. It is a pity that your former Queen isn`t very happy, and I am sure she would LOVE you visiting her in Abyss to explain everything to her, and I am afraid it will be a LONG and not very nice visit for you. You will soon understand how foolish it was for you to turn From The Path Of Power and Freedom to The Path Of Enslavement, for only those that care for themselves and no one else can be trully free.
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And here he is...

Anabstercorian teleports in behind Mina. He blinks for a moment, seeing the sheer power and evil washing off of her in waves. He shrugs it off. At the moment, he is dressed in a simple cotton robe, wielding nothing but a simple quarterstaff, a small pocket of spell-components held under his cloak.
<< Mina... I have heard of you. I wish to speak with you as well. >>


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Hello there God Emperor there is no need to show me this form, one in which you seek to fool others. I can see into your hear, do you wish to know what I see.

With this Alzem casts a Glamour over the God King to show what is in his heart. The form that encompasses the God King is one of a Diseased old man, reaching for all he can to collapse and die with him as his disease spreads.

You say that I am the reason that all this has happened. Was it I who did not stop Vecna when you had the chance? Was it I who processed the red goo creating armies with it? NO. It was you and yours that did these things and the people of this world just stood by and let you continue on your mad dreams, while you enslaved half this world. Now you join forces with someone who we all know to be evil but you do not care because her goals are the same as yours. What does that tell you about yourself you worthless little worm! You come here and try to impress me with your power, I have seen power such as you cannot imagine. Power that can destroy this little world a thousand times over, or save it forever. You claim that the Angels coming here will cause the other planar races to come here also, but that has already been happening, with every power on Oreth amassing as many planar allies for their wars. Forsaken one and his bugs are here on this world, are they native here? No. Yet you allow them to remain because they do not have the courage to stand up to you, but as I do you seek to blame me for all of your problems. Yes the Angels are coming here and no they will not leave Toril and Realmspace undefended, as you so claim. You only fear this as you see that they are tired of your warping the truth, and Mina’s desecration of the dead. But you do not care as Mina does not care, you would see this world go down in flames and death then even think of another way. Well then Dog you shall have your war, and while I will grieve for the lives lost, what must be done must be done.

OOC Finally It took 5 hours fro me to get to the boards to post a message


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some fairly important points


it seems to be a common missconception that Zouron the Dark, from the 1st and 2nd IR is the leader of the Eternal Union. He is not he is still trapped as ever in ravenloft, even vecna could not just escape ravenloft, zouron the dark can't either.

The Leader of the Eternal Union is Commandor Fujishi Zuroji, and I am not about to make a SN for it, sorry noway.

Secondly, it seems to be the understanding that the Eternal Union are still part of the Eternal Empire of Toril, they are not they have declared their independence.

Forrester if you want to know if Zouron the Dark (my first and second IR character) holds a grudge against the Commonwealth by all means go see him, magic of any kind cannot be used to communicate into Domain of Dread. Artifacts cannot help anyone escape Domains of Dread. ohh and do remember that lost of sanity etc when mind to mind contact with udead of the Domain of Dread is very likely.

Carceri is a prison for gods and holds them forever, Domains of Dread is the same to mortals and less then gods. Zouron the Dark, while extremely powerful is not a god so he is trapped.

other then that the Eternal Union already declared that Mina can travel undisturbed through the Eternal Union's land without consequences, as long as she conqurers nothing inside it. They have also declared willing to have diplomatic relation with any nation or people that is friendly against them.

However they do wish to put Anabstercorian to trial for his crimes, a just trial, not predecided one.

Edena you might wanna change Mina's qustion to the Eternal Union's diplomatic deligation.

I will be answering tomorrow.


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"So, Alzem, you really do intend to attack me. You really do seek to fight a war that would be the undoing of this world. Every violent death on Oerth strengthens the Red Goo, and you , you bloodthirsty cur, send your armies to attack me! I desire only peace and survival for this world but you, outsider as you are, care nothing for Oerth. You, fallen one, do not even seem to care about the fate of your own home plane. The Red Goo and Red Death threaten all existence, even you must realise this. You call me evil, you call me mad. Pathetic fool! You are far more evil than me and too blind to see how far you have fallen. You disgust me."

With this the God Emperor casts a Glamour over Alzem to show what is in his heart. The form that encompasses Alzem is one of a slavering, rabid, fiend of great power, feasting on the corpse of a small child.

"How much longer will your God allow you to do murder in his name? How much longer will you be able to prevent your celestial allies from seeing your true nature and rip your rotting soul to shreds? How much longer until you have fallen beyong the point of repentance, or is that already long past? Fall to your knees, child, and beg your God for forgiveness. Leave this world, do not return and perhaps you can still be saved. You will serve in penance for millenia, but perhaps your God will allow you to rise again to glory in his name, if you do not make your sin worse."

Mr. Draco

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Kas steps forward to add his voice to the discussion, "Alzem. Being of peace, truth, and light. You gave the legions of Kalanyr the chance at repentance, after millenia of evil. You gave the Union of Oerth a chance at repentance, after decades of evil. What harm could it do to you to follow your god and give Mina a chance, not at repentance, for she has done nothing to warrant needing it, but a chance to live. Already she has taken great steps towards peace. By bringing the Union of Worlds together, she united people under a common goal, that of peaceful lives, people that would likely otherwise have meet each other with weapons drawn and blood ready to be shed. Not only this, but she has drawn the Union of Worlds together with the Shade Empire in an alliance, with the formation of this alliance, many lives that would be lost in future conflicts, have been spared. Should Acererak also join this alliance, then even more lives will be saved. How can you condemn her, who follows the ethics of your god almost better than you?"

Mr. Draco

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Secret Very Important Question for Edena:

[color=22222]Edena, would it be a bad (as in VERY BAD) thing for Oerth if a faction went from 9th level magic one turn, and spent enough in one turn to reach 11th level magic the following turn?[/color]


IC- (After Mina told me that I could be free of fear, which I take a glancing and non-intentional insult)

Mina, before I would consider joining you, after those unintentional and forgiven insults, I ask you to read this book. You will find it to be the most influencing piece of literature you have ever read. If you have a problem with reading it, in no way can I serve you. This book, behind no mask of faith, is a Book of Exalted Deeds. It covers the history of many heroes, and most recently, I have inscribed the records of myself and the Knights of Delrune. This book will give you a Quest fit specifically for you. In no way can I command the quest, as it is meant for your attonement.

After you have read it, hand it to the God Emporer. Then Kas. Every last one of you has spoken of protecting Oerth, save Lord Melkor. Those of you who are brave enough to face this book and their personal quest will prove themselves to me and in the eyes of many others.

Sollir has never said he wants to do good for the world, and I believe him with everything in me. He has sworn aid to me for only one reason, necessity. I will not subject him or Lord Melkor to this book. Melkor has never stated he wants to help Oerth.

If any of you try and protect yourself from this book, you will be dishonored by the Knights of Delrune for the next millenium. I do not jest.


To Edena: My PC's statistics read that I have reached PL 4. Does that mean that I can update my character for level 90? I actually have this level 90 version of Sanctus prepared somewhere in my files.

For the sake of actual usefulness I would like the attonement spell from the Book of Exalted Deeds I request that it be of 100th caster level or greater (or 11th level magic) so that a remove curse spell isn't readily available. I am assuming the attonement will require a Geas spell in order for attonement to be achieved.

Otherwise it's useless and these powerful characters, after agreeing to read it (if they do), will simply cast a silented remove curse on themselves before resuming talks. I would, if I wanted to cheat the book.

OT- I recommend that some of you break up your paragraphs a little more. I am not being critical of anyone, I just have hella trouble reading a paragraph that goes on 25 lines rather than five paragraphs that go on 5 lines. It's just a personal thing, however.
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