(IR) IR Interlude Turn 5 - Turn 6 (thread 4)


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Here is the general strategic situation:

The Union of Oerth (PL 1,750) has allied with Mina and the Knights of Neraka (PL 1,000).
Mina has talked the Shade (PL see the Lists) into joining this confederation.

This confederation named itself the Union of the Worlds.

Then, Mina talked Acererak into standing with her as an ally within the Union of Worlds.

Mina has been talking with Hellmaster Phibrizzo, trying to enlist his aid.

Thus, Mr. Draco, Serpenteye, Melkor, and Maudlin are all, in effect, allied, and they have a 1,000 PL force led by Mina on their side, and they may have Sollir also.

- - -

Alzem is an ardent enemy of Mina, and has gone to Krynn and assembled an army out of all her enemies there, and brought them here.
These include the evil Dragon Overlords of Krynn, and the good Knights of Solamnia and Knights of Steel.
Alzem is also prepared to loose the Angels if the need arises upon the Union of the Worlds.
Alzem now has a PL of around 1,000, but the Angels who aid him have a PL of 4,000.


Alzem has just released the Angels from his Mandate.
They will no longer go to war at his command.
This just effectively stripped Oerth of a 4,000 PL army of Angels that otherwise would have done as Alzem told them to.
The Angels may still help, but their help must be asked, and the right person must do the asking.

It is not clear to the Moderator if Alzem is going to maintain his army from Krynn, and fight to defend Oerth.
I am not sure what Alzem is going to do.

- - -

Forrester, protected by the Torilian Border Guard (PL 10,000) is sitting back and watching.
If Forrester is doing anything else, nobody knows about it.

- - -

An enormous army of illithid and drow (PL 4,000) is preparing to invade Oerth and destroy it, basically.
They are being called the Army of Darkness.

Anabstercorian has just been made their leader.
He MUST invade Oerth with this army on Turn 6, and he MUST attack with all 4,000 PL.
Of course, WHO gets attacked, is up to Anabstercorian - it could be you, GnomeWorks, or it could be Mina.

A large army of Shade is assembling in the Plane of Shadow (PL 500.)
They have denounced and disowned Melkor, and they have sworn to destroy their own Shade brethren on Oerth for allying with the humans in the Union of the Worlds.
This army of Shade will not work with the Army of Darkness.
The two evil forces consider each other enemies, and will attack each other on sight.

- - -

The Alliance of Oerth has received a big boost in the form of secret enclaves of the Emerald Order showing up all over Oerth (PL 300.)
They have also received a boost in that all the nations of AnaKeris have joined Dagger (PL over 100.)
Also, of course, the enormous army that Alzem has brought from Krynn (PL 700) is welcome news, although the evil Dragon Overlords despise the people of Oerth.

- - -

As far as the Moderator knows, Zouron and his Eternal Order are basically neutral.
They have sent friendly emissaries to the Union of the Worlds, to the Alliance of Oerth, and have stated their intention to not get involved in any war.
They have declared independence from the Eternal Empire of Realmspace, which is in civil war right now.
They are, in effect, an army that became stranded, and so have reverted to colonists.

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I send a call out for all good forces across as far as I can reach to aid us in the face of what Evil has come to Oerth.

I make a third call to any drow across the multiverse who have thrown off the chains of Lolth.


First Post

The God-Emperor of the Union of Worlds travels secretly, first to the Astral Plane and then to Limbo, to enlist the aid of the Githyanki and the Githzerai in the battle against the Illithid. He delivers the same speach (with minor variations) to the Lich Queen and the rulers of the 'zerai, (after requesting an audience) in perfect pronounciation of their native languages, in the noble accent (if applicable):

"The Illithid," he sneers with true hatred "have gathered their armies. From all over the Multiverse they have assembled a fleet to scour the planes from all independent lifeforms, to enslave and corrupt all life into twisted semblances of themselves. Into your sacred flesh they intend to implant their filthy spawn and turn you, and everything else, into perverse half-breeds of illithids. They intend to restore their ancient Penumbra, that you so valiantly destroyed, and undo everything you have created. They are Illithid, that alone explains what they intend."
He pauses to allow them to express their hatred of that monstrous plague that is the Illithid species.
"The Illithid are powerful but they are also vulnerable. The world of Oerth is not weak, but it is but one world against the united armies of all the Illithids in the Multiverse and if it stands alone against them it will fall. For every world the Illithid conquer they will become strengthened, for every minute that you wait it will become that much harder to defeat them. They gather now near Oerth, tomorrow it might be your walls they assault. But they are vulnerable.
I advise you, great (Queen/Leader) to seice this oppertunity. Join the armies of Oerth. Join the Union of the Worlds, and wipe the Illithid vermin out! Crush the brain sucking scuid, eradicate them for all future! Take your revenge for your eons of slavery. Finish what you started millennia ago and break them! Enslave them! Humiliate them! Torture them until the end of time! Join me!"
(He adapts the way he says this in to the way that is considered proper in their culture when talking about illithid. He has no intention to insult his listeners, but he is as passionate as he can be without being "uncivilized".)

(The God-Emperor is extremely charismatic and the Gith' really hate Illithids.)

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