(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 2)



Red Goo driven off oerth mostly. Only Melkor and Tokiwong harbor it. They are allies with Rajaat who is on Athas (Darksun). Anabster and forester decimated the planet while removing the Red Goo. Tokiwong is asking for a trial. Union dominated the Elder ones. 11th Level magic is in play. Many 11th level powers are up for claim.

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Pick out another 11th level power. It is getting annoying that you must change yours constantly. Apparently the Moderator will be playing Rajaat.


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creamsteak said:

Red Goo driven off oerth mostly. Only Melkor and Tokiwong harbor it. They are allies with Rajaat who is on Athas (Darksun). Anabster and forester decimated the planet while removing the Red Goo. Tokiwong is asking for a trial. Union dominated the Elder ones. 11th Level magic is in play. Many 11th level powers are up for claim.

OOC: You forgot the most important part... the introduction of Frosty Iuz Chocolate Sugar Bombs... Chock full of vitamins... sugar... Vitamin Z... Red Scourge... and did we mention sugar... look this one has a plush Iuz doll... aww how cute... Frosty Iuz Chocolate Sugar Bombs... there GREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAT!!!!

William Ronald

A very brief summary

Hi, kaboom:

Welcome back!!!

On the ethereal plane, Vaeregoth (the Forsaken One's character) attacked Melkor. Anabstercorian and Hazen - independently - decided to help. Kas showed up and tried to break up the fight. A beam of negative energy struck Vaeregoth's Red Steel armor. This and the hostility in the area caused angry spirits - the Red Armada - to emerge from the armor. They vowed to attack Oerth.

Kalanyr and his people attempted to merge with the Blood Wastes. Hazen tried to convince Mina to do so, being willing to accept 200 lashes with a whip to get her into the Blood Waste. Serpenteye and Mr. Draco did not go into the Blood Waste.

Tokiwong (Iuz) invited the Red Army to Oerth. His red steel became an army. Melkor nuked the Blood Wastes, freeing 3 million angry spirits to join the Red Armada.

At the same time, Melkor's avatar committed suicide (he is better now) to summon the Elder Ones. Uvenelei's groundpounders - matter accelerated to near light speed - took out most of them.
Nukes did the rest, as did the army of Angels, Devils, and the Red Armada.

Anabstercorian decided to drop fusing hydrogen from the Sun's core on everyone to destroy the Red Armada. This created massive global damage. Forrester, responding to a call for help from Hazen, shows up and repeats Anabstercorian's tactic. This creates unprecedented global damage. Both allies, innocents, and the Red Armada are destroyed in this massive attack. The map is altered beyond recognition.

Several people who fought hard during Turn 6 - such as myself, Venus, and Black Omega - gained 11th level magic from the Angels or from the nuclear fall out. The Union of Oerth - which sent a portion of its troops to fight the Red Armada - gained it through research.

Forrester left the IR.

Reprisal, who played the UC of Toril in previous IRs, has joined and picked up that power.

Several new powers are available for players to claim. Check the last few proceeding posts.

Melkor and Tokiwong are now allies, as is Sollir.

Here is Anabstercorian's recent summary:

Kalanyr, Hazen, Melkor, and Vaeregoth are all throwing their lot in to Athas and a massive war is blooming. An ancient halfling mage has just arisen there, and he wields magic that none other can match in the Crystal Sphere of Athas.

The seal on Luna is rapidly degrading, and upon its breaking, 10,000 PL worth of Red Ghosts will be released upon a terrified world.

Oerth is scarred wasteland - Although the burning fire of the fusing hydrogen leaves no atomic fallout, its sheer radioactive fury did enough damage in its short moment of existence to compensate. Water is poison, the air is dust, the earth is glass, and life is burning.

The situation on Toril is unstable. Forrester is being degraded, for despite his best attempts, it was impossible to use solar bombardment in a controlled manner. Vast destruction resulted.

Anabstercorian is building the Penumbral Hub, a city around the sun. A few brave souls are already volunteering for ceremorphosis, becoming the alien in exchange for a safe haven from burning war. He still commands the Army of Darkness and the Solistarim, and they're itching to wreak havoc. The Solistarim, seeing hope in the newfound creation of 11th level magic, seeks to heal Oerth, while the Army of Darkness is looking forward to an opportunity to conquer damn near anything, and are currently running amok in neighboring Crystal Spheres, picking up recruits and kicking ass.

Tokiwong and Melkor are in subtle alliance, and the Dark Union of Oerth is in a rapidly decaying social state.

The civilians of Oerth are primarily unharmed, thanks to the Secret Retreats, but they look upon their future and despair. Only the hope of Oerth healed keeps them going.

How much of this is accurate? Anything I should add? What's public knowledge?

William Ronald

Oh, Kaboom.

Hazen has been given the powers - but not the mindset - of an Angel. He was given this by Edena for my willingness to put Hazen on the line for Oerth.


A Paladin in shimmering silvery armor on a ivory winged steed flies above wilted forest. The glimmer of the Paladin's armor reflects light in a distracting way. It seems difficult to look directly at him, but those that choose to will find it is harmless reflection.

The sun is not out, but the light reflecting off the Paladin's armor is still bright. Moonlight reflected as daylight. The air is humid and damp with the smell of fungus and rot. The winds are warm and soft with some manner of randomness to them.

The moon, is not that of one covered by substare. The moon here has a glimmering crescent of light. The crescent is perfect and shapely, and there is no moon left to be shadowed.

The crescent moon matches that of the steed of the Knight of Delrune. The steeds wings unfold and loosen as the beast comes to stop in a mossy clearing. Grass does not grow here, but lichens more than a foot high run across the ground.

The Paladin steps off his mount, looking around cautiously to ensure solitude. No animals are near, no beasts, no people. Only a mount and a knight wait. They are waiting for no man, beast, or animal. They are waiting on something greater.

The wind blows and a tempest errupts. The bristling pines unleash a horrid wail of thorns. Spinning, turning, and shredding the ground. The Paladin stands still, cut, bleading from surprisingly deep and straight wounds. The forest itself rips his skin in all places, under and through his glimmering, weightless, silver armor.

No interference is accepted, none can seem to enter this clearing. It is hidden from existence by a portal somewhere in Delrune. The portal passes into a plane of anticipation and energy. The air emits good and light of its own, no sun is visible in the Elven Court of Arvandor.

Arvandor is home of Corellon Larethian, the mythical Seldarine. The creator of elves, and the taker of Gruumsh's eye. The court of the Good and freedom loving Elves. The birthplace of the lineage of the elven people, whether wild, gray, high, and mayhaps the drow.

The Paladin is bleeding from wounds caused by what would be called harmless thorns had they been found on the material plane. Here these simple plants have thoughts of there own. The occupants of this holy site are Plants of testing. They provoke, and tease. They taunt like Kender, only the plants taunt with pain instead of arrogance and insult. They draw blood, sweat, muscle, and spirit out of anyone who would interfere with their calm life. These are the last plants of their species in existence, relics of some unknown druids experiments during the arcane age.

OOC: Sanctus Punitor is attempting to call the Deity Corellon Larethian to speak with him.
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Creamsteak, I already mentioned I am still claiming the Unseelie, who have 11th level magic I believe, even if I did claim Rajaat as well, although I'm slightly mad that I already met the prerequisites to get him (allying with Iuz and Melkor) but yet I don't get him, it'l work out in the end, I've made my choice already and I'm going to stick with it.

Thanks for your concern but we both will have 11th level magic I believe...

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